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Back to work with all the Precautions

Izhaar has resumed working.There is a well thought out plan to ensure the safety of the employees.

Few of the safety measures taken are…

  1. Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization of the whole office will happen on the regular basis.
  2. Use of mask and gloves is mandatory before entering the workplace.
  3. Extensive use of hand-sanitizers after roughly every alien surface you happen to touch.
  4. We will ensure that every employee gets his/her temperature checked before entering the office premises.
  5. Working with keeping proper social distancing in mind.
  6. Manufacturing and packaging of the products after disinfecting and sanitizing.
  7. We have made a list of do’s and don’ts manual and pasted it almost at every corner and corridor to ensure every employee reads it to follow precautions.


Ruchita Bansal, Founder & Creative Director, Izhaar.

“I was always positive about the fact that the lockdown will be over soon and time will come to re-join our work, but given the nature of the pandemic, everything has changed and our company has taken all the measures to ensure the safety of our employees. What I’ve learnt so far is people are going to come back very different. Izhaar will manage to keep things together with proper social distancing and hygiene in mind said.”


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