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Bored in Quarantine? Catch these iconic movies and TV shows shot at the Empire State Building

Over the years, The Empire State Building, the 102-story skyscraper in New York City, has stood strong, serving as an international symbol of luxury, elegance, romance, hope, and unity. Today, after featuring in multiple movies and television shows across genres, the landmark has gained a special place in the multiverse of pop-culture. Becoming an iconic destination through cinematic history, lets reminiscence these moments through the films that have struck a chord with our hearts over the years.

1.     King Kong (1933)

The Sci-Fi horror that marked as a turning point in the history of American Cinema, will forever hold one of the world’s most iconic scenes. The scene that followed King Kong, the 86-year-old giant ape, as he climbed up the Empire State Building, and roars as he reaches the very top is one of these most magnificent and dynamic moments of Cinema. A scene that was far ahead of its time has now become one of the Empire State Building’s most prestigious moments.

2.     Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

A romantic comedy that follows a little boy who tried to find his mother through the radio, ends up finding the love of his father’s life. The most heart-warming scene from this movie is the moment the two are about to meet. A moment that has everyone teary-eyed with their hearts full of joy, is shot with the romantic view from the Empire State Building.

3.     Elf (2003)

Another iconic movie that makes a comeback every Christmas, Elf, a fantasy comedy also found its way to filming in the Empire State Building. The scene leading up to the climax, where Elf finally gets to meet his father is shot in the Fifth Avenue lobby of the Empire State Building. A simple, yet comic scene, holds the viewers’ hearts till this day.

4.     Gossip Girl (2007-20012)

The drama series that won hearts across the globe, for everything from its characters to costumes, story and locations, also found its way to the Empire State Building for one it’s most climactic scenes. At the back of the tower’s elegant view and its notion for all things love, Gossip Girl’s most romantic scene was shot at the Empire State Building.

5.     Oblivion (2013)

This action-adventure film that goes back and forth in time captures some of its most picturesque scenes at the Empire State Building. From its dynamic view to its futuristic deconstruction, the Empire State Building holds an iconic position in the Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough film.

Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy hours of action, romance and comedy with these movies. Interested in what other films and TV shows were shot at ESB?


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