Celebrating World Music Day

Every year British Asian pop star Arzutraa makes sure to celebrate World Music Day in her own special way. On this day, the pop star especially spends more time being closer to music than usual. She also makes it a point to interact with her fans from all around the world and share more positivity about music and how it can help everyone find a light of immense positivity and hope.


Speaking about the importance of music in her life Arzutraa says, “For me the meaning of music is Meditation, Uplifting the Soul, Immense Positivity and A Cure above all else. Every alphabet of the word ‘Music’ has a meaning in itself which is not only just said, but many psychologists all have proved it as well. In this world where everyone is dealing with all kinds of stress and issues whether due to pandemic or any other reasons, music can act like a ray of positivity and hope. When I tested positive for Covid-19, it was what kept me going and kept my mental health good. I am a firm believer of music acting as a cure not only for me but also for everyone and I trust that the world is a better place with music.”


 Speaking about how she developed her interest in music, the singer says, “I was obsessed with Bollywood right from my childhood. At my home we always used to hear songs from Lata Ji, Asha Ji, Kishore Da, Rafi Sahab etc. Hence my liking towards Bollywood songs was from the start. Although I did not understand the lyrics, I did get attracted and enjoyed the melodies of the songs. That is when I first developed my love for Bollywood music. That’s when I decided that when I sing my songs will be in Hindi but many of my peers said that I must sing in English language only because I didn’t know Hindi whatsoever. Still I decided otherwise and I spent hours and days and an entire decade practising Hindi pronunciations by hearing Shreya Ghoshal and Lata ji’s songs and slowly I learnt the language. That’s how I started my journey and here I am today being the only Indian singer to have launched 2 albums in one year. One of my major inspirations for this has been my fans and I really thank them and dearly love them all.”

 Arzutraa hopes to continue spreading the message of peace, love and hope with her music all around the world through her 3rd Album which is currently in flight.

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