Trends Post Covid- Gym or Get fit at home?

By Vaibhav Somani

The pandemic induced lockdown has had an immense impact on the physical activities of people. The lockdown measures which were imposed by the government had a sizable impact on all physical activities with gym, recreational centres, stadiums and sports clubs being closed. This led to more people opting for some form of exercise at home.

Most health experts have always recommended that individuals need 75-150 minutes of vigorous physical activity per day to stay healthy. Sedentary behavior, poor dietary habits and physical inactivity can lead to various health problems. That’s where we noticed the changing trends in the growth of Yoga and home gyms across the nation.

The unlocking process will start phase wise in different parts of the country. Irrespective of gyms and sports complexes being open in future, one must be conscious of indulging in physical exercise to stay healthy. And whether you decide to work from home or from an external physical office, you can consider these key trends to remain mentally and physically upbeat.

·         Gym Expenses

A lot of people have invested in equipment and infrastructure to set up home gyms during the lockdown period and it is but logical to continue with these exercises at home and make the best of the investment you have made. Home fitness or yoga is the best way to get fit without joining a health club, provided you are disciplined and do it consistently. To create a  home gym, all you need is fit balls, dumbbells, Jumping rope, exercise bands or tubing, and push-up bars as home gym equipment. This is inexpensive compared to the kind of money you would spend on fancy gyms and the best part is that your housemates/family members can utilise these equipment too.

·         Time Flexibility

In today’s world, the reality is that  many people do not have the time to go and make use of facilities available to them. At home, you can choose the timing of the workout that best fits your schedule. Working remotely gives you an ample amount of time to just roll out of bed and work out. Getting fit at home will also save driving time to and from the gym, changing in the locker room, waiting for equipment to get free, etc. All of that often adds up to more time than your actual workout!

·         No Crowds

During the ongoing pandemic, people have been advised to maintain social distancing. And the best way to avoid crowded locations, is to do yoga or workout at home and ensure your and your family’s safety.

·         Focus on Your Workout

There can be a lot of disturbance at the gym. People wanting to chat with you, or sometimes people seek your help in weight lifting. At home, no one is there to disturb you and you could be able to better focus on your workout routine and benefit from a more efficient workout. There is multiple content in the digital space to help you with your workout, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete.

·         You Pick the Music

Everyone has a different taste in music, even when it comes to gym music. Music is definitely a strong motivating factor while exercising. But many times the gym may not match up to your workout music taste. Home outs enable you to choose your own music and burn calories.  Also you will always have an option to either use your earbuds or not.

·         Wear What You Want

Working out at home allows you to wear clothes according to your preference. At home, no one is going to judge, if you are wearing a shabby  t-shirt or some old sweatpants to work out. The only thing you should worry about is getting some sweat during the exercise regime.

·         Fewer Germs

Gyms are the most contagious place to get infected, and the hygiene parameters are often not met in most gyms.  There’s nothing worse than going to your favorite piece of equipment at the gym only to find the previous user left you a nice puddle of sweat. Commercial gyms have an ample amount of germs, from the cardio equipment to the benches to the weights. At home, you at least know who has used the equipment and can control how clean you keep it.

If you are a regular gym-goer, then that’s great and you should keep it up! But, if going to the gym is a barrier to your fitness and you have already started some exercise regime at home then consider starting a home gym. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

 About the Author

 Vaibhav Somani is the Director of Gravolite (

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