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DENTTABS launches its all-new Strawberry Flavoured Toothpaste Tablets in India

The revolutionary and unconventional dental hygiene brand DENTTABS launches its all-new Strawberry Flavoured Toothpaste Tablets. Founded in Berlin, Germany, DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets are THE  Sustainable alternative to conventional toothpaste as the brand offers its products in the form of toothpaste tablets composed of 100% natural ingredients, Vegan, free from plastic, artificial stabilizers or any other form of preservatives.

Kids and brushing teeth don’t really go together. Getting children to brush their teeth can be a task for all mothers. Between 3-5 years of age, kids start developing milk teeth and need nutrition to keep their gums strong. Hence, DENTTABS’s all-new Strawberry Flavoured Toothpaste Tablets are like a special sustainable gift from the tooth fairy for these little ones.

Taking care of oral hygiene in kids is just as important as taking care of the body. Specially curated for children’s taste palates, these Strawberry flavored toothpaste tablets by DENTTABS ensure healthy white teeth for children of 3 or more years. Unlike regular toothpaste, DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets do not require any deleterious stabilizers and additives due to their solid tablet form that has no water in its composition. 

Young children have extremely sensitive teeth and gums and need extra protection. DENTTABS is made with 100% natural ingredients that not only protect the planet but also keep the child’s oral health intact. 

Pragya Kapoor, a phenomenal producer, a loving mother of two, and an avid conservationist with colossal zeal for sustainability and eco-friendly practices has been appointed as the face of the DENTTABS brand in India. Pragya’s personal values strongly resonate with what the brand stands for, she is immensely delighted to represent DENTTABS in the Indian market and chooses DENTTABS for her little ones. “DENTTABs reinvented the idea of dental care for me,” says Pragya Kapoor.

With just three simple steps, Bite-Chew, Brush-Polish, and Rinse-Done, DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets leave the child’s teeth with a natural glow. These strawberry flavored tablets enriched with distinctive fluoride properties prevent tooth decay and revitalize the aching tooth. Developed especially for kids, it is made of natural strawberry which makes the tablet fruity and flavourful. 

Owing to such natural, ecological and resource-frugal practices, the brand also takes pride in its BDIH-COSMOS certification. DENT TABS Toothpaste Tablets are not merely an organic way to maintain oral hygiene, but also functions as a tool to protect the environment as its packaging material is based on cornstarch laminated with paper, designed for industrial compost.


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