Embrace the Bridal Couture with JJ Valaya’s Luxurious ALMA Collection

For the past 30 years, every year, the invigorating inner journeys that I take as an artist start somewhere deep in my soul and are triggered by something visual that caught my eye. That is when  I start my research, immersing myself into the visual treasures I chance upon either in books or through my travels. Truth be told, my perennial love will always be my passionate intrigue towards global cultures, especially the ones connected with the Spice and Silk routes in one way or another.

The magical country of Spain has been this seasons biggest inspiration. Even though this is not the first time I’ve been inclined towards Spain, The history goes back to over a million years, so much so that I find something new every-time. The question remains-  how can one fully and creatively explore anything that has such a vibrantly extensive past in just one collection? There “ ALMA “ (Meaning ‘Soul’ in Spanish), my all-new collection for the Couture seasons of 2022-23 was born. My three constant expressions (Royale~Nomade~ArtDeco) find their soulmates in three diverse yet well-known facets of Spain, namely:

1. The costumes of the Matadors (Matador de Toros)

2. The motifs on the Manton shawl (Manton de Manila)

3. The patterns of the Hand Fan (Pericon)

It’s all in the details of the luxurious fabrics, elegantly inspired prints and of course, timeless and cult favourite embroideries, they together define this season’s Couture collection in all its glory. Perfect for the festive season as well as the never-ending wedding season – The ALMA collection is set to be the most favoured luxury bridal couture pick not only this season but for many seasons to come.


Instagram: @jjvalaya_the.other.side @jjvalaya

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