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Explore the thriving parity of Wellness & Sustainable Practices at Atmantan.

The wellness center leaves no stone unturned in providing holistic health solutions while preserving  nature.

Atmantan believes that wellness is not confined solely to your physical health. At Atmantan true wellness means the strong pursuit of all elements of health and Sustainability. They understand that all aspects of an individual are connected to sustainability and encourage a holistic practice of wellness. Sustainable wellness practices create long-term routines to support the complete person. There can’t be wellness if the premises are not rooted in sustainable ways of living. The  amalgamation of both Nature and wellness brings forth a conducive environment that helps in our well being.

  • With a Minimalistic Architectural style, all spaces at Atmantan have been designed to best utilize natural light and to help the buildings blend into the natural landscape of the mountainous land.
  • They have the largest Solar Hot Water Installation and the primary source of heating the water is solar energy. Evacuated type tube collectors have been deployed since they are most efficient and can heat water on days that are cloudy.
  • They also have a revolutionary sewage Treatment plant called the Solid Immobilized Bio-Filter (SIBF) system. They use treated chemical free water from this plant for all its landscaping requirements thereby not burdening the soil with any chemical residue or toxic materials which then enters our food chain.
  • All the wet kitchen garbage is being used to create vermicompost. This is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner which then gets used on site plantations.
  • Wasted resources during construction like cement bags, steel etc have been recycled.
  • There has been no use of environmentally hazardous paints, woods, varnishes, finishing products etc. during the construction of the resort

About Atmantan Wellness Centre:

Atmantan Wellness Centre is the ultimate destination for reconnecting with yourself, revitalizing your body and refreshing your mind. It is a place for transformation. Atmantan means holistic amalgamation of the atma {soul}, mana {mind} and tann {body}. Living up to true Indian hospitality, Atmantan exceeds expectations in terms of luxury, service and quality. It is a wholesome amalgamation of pampering your mind, body and soul. Their certified experts create customized packages just for you by using a happy mix of spa and fitness therapies along with the right dietary inputs and lifestyle improvements to provide you with holistic well-being. Here they care about both wellness and Ecology. Atmantan is a GOLD LEED Certified Project (LEED being the green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.) LEED is the acronym for Leader in Energy & Environment Design and this certification recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices incorporated by Atmantan.

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