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Fashion Design Council Of India Presents International Designer Initiative “Measure” 

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) steals the spotlight on the fourth day of Lakmē Fashion Week with a trailblazing presentation – an International designer initiative “Measure”, showcasing an innovative collection “TOi.” at JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

Key Highlights of Measure’s Journey:

Originating from Dagestan, Russia, since its foundation in 2018 to its recent presentation at the Beinopen forum in 2023, Measure has been on an extraordinary trajectory. Measure, stands as a cultural phenomenon in the realm of modest fashion, hailing from Dagestan. It seeks harmony between the natural and the man-made, the past and the present, the vital and the spiritual. Notable milestones include creation of the multi-brand concept store Others and it’s opening in Moscow, participation in the prestigious Moscow Fashion Week and media coverage in Elle and Vogue Italia and Russia.

“TOi” by Measure: A Cultural Odyssey in Modest Fashion

Designer Zainab Saidulaeva’s cutting-edge collection “TOi” is a creative exploration inspired by Dagestani wedding traditions, fusing the mosaic of customs, wedding gifts, and historical attire into a contemporary design narrative. The collection’s design ethos is expressed through a delicate interplay of layering and rich texture, making Measure a distinctive force in the fashion landscape.

Scheduled to be held on 16th March at 8:30pm, this show is an exquisite fusion of fashion and art, adds another chapter to this legacy, capturing the imagination of fashion aficionados and art lovers alike.

“As a designer, I am thrilled to unveil my ‘TOI’ collection at LFW x FDCI, a creative journey into Dagestan wedding traditions. Inspired by the rich tapestry of customs and garments from the region’s past, the collection explores the beauty of multi-layered outfits in black and various shades of white, using silk in diverse variations. Join us on this mesmerizing journey into the heart of Dagestan’s cultural heritage, all thanks to the Fashion Design Council of India for this incredible opportunity” said designer Zainab Saidulaeva.

“In bringing together brilliant minds, this unfolds as a remarkable convergence, giving rise to creations that redefine the conventional rhythms of the fashion world. Sunil Sethi, Chairman of FDCI, expressed pride in this international designer initiative and participation of Measure, recognizing their invaluable contribution to this extraordinary project.”

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