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Father’s Day Special Your Dad’s Health Game

In this year of social distancing and health uncertainty, probably a tie is of no use to dad. Instead, it might be time to ditch those traditional gifting options and give a little push towards a healthy direction.

A lot of our father’s need a push from time to time  to get their health routine back on track and sometimes a gift can do that. So here is a list of health and wellness products to help boost his physical and mental wellbeing, all of which can be purchased online – which we advise doing, to avoid a last-minute scramble this weekend.

  1. Plix Strength

Here’s a perfect gift for the fitness freak dad’s, whose sole aim to waking up early is to sweat out that tiny flab of extra kilo and need that extra protein punch to gain the strength to kick it off. Moreover, as we evolve, we also discover more about our digestive system and how certain foods can either heal or derail it completely. But Plix plant protein is derived from rich concentrated sources like Brown Rice and Peas which is easily digestible and light on your body and if your dad is lactose intolerant than this is the most picture – perfect gift for him. They also have Plix vitamin c tablets which can helps to build a strong immunity system.  To top that they have a special Father’s day sale, so not only your dad even you can get the strength of Plix to kick start your workout routine.

  1. GOQiiRunGPS

For fashion-forward dad’s who want to live healthier everyday also flaunt his fitness regime, a fitness band like Goqii is the apt solution to his want. GOQiiRunGPS has six screens that track steps, distance, pace, calories burnt, heart rate and duration. The device also tracks activities and sleep, comes with an integrated USB charger that can easily be connected to any power bank, adapter or laptop. It can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the GOQiiiOS and Android app. The device also comes with the GOQii family care plan that offers a personal coach and personalized doctor consultation for a subscription period of 3 months for one selected member.

  1. Curefit membership

In this time of pandemic where gym’s are shut, it is still of great importance to continue with your workout regime. This is one huge factor that will help your father’s to develop strong immunity. In such times virtual workout acts as a great motivator and Curefit provides you with wide range of workout regime, personal trainer, diet recipes to ensure that your father’s home workout doesn’t miss the gym feels.

  1. Cultsport gear

If you dad is a newbie, who have started working out by force because of the lockdown, here’s something that will help you to motivate him. Cultsport gear is a one stop shop for the fitness gear that one needs to start their fitness journey. Their exciting range of shoes to track pants will definitely grab your father’s attention and just with the urge to flaunt them on his social media he might never give up on his workout schedule.

  1. Omron HBF 214 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Now that your father is trying hard to maintain the routine, it is also necessary for you to keep monitoring his progress and adjust his regime accordingly. Omron HBF-214 Body Composition Monitor offers a unique monitoring report comprehensively measuring vital body signs like body weight, body fat and Basal metabolic rate which directly indicates the healthiness quotient.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and show Dad your love and appreciation with the gift of good health

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