FDCI India Couture Week 2020

Day 4

Shantanu & Nikhil

The Resurgence

The Resurgence by Shantanu and Nikhil is an ode to hope, it is the spirit to resurface and recommence our duties to the universe. With an almost spiritual connotation to the capabilities of cyclic existence, the collection celebrates a renewed strength & power to adapt and #RiseAgain, instilling the hope that life will be back to normalcy.


·        Metallic influences, goth appliques and zardozi work on the gowns and dresses to redefine structure & linearity that is signature to Shantanu & Nikhil.

·        Signature draped kurtas for men find a new companion in the structured bandhgalas and sherwanis.

·        Designs are out of the box (very structured and yet, the inimitable style of the drape is there) and are inspired by geometric angles. There is an architectural undercurrent to the  collection

 Color Canvas

Blacks, Greys and Reds

 From Shantanu & Nikhil…

“ As the world is pushing through these tough and challenging times, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we would like to use our fundamental brand values in order to forge a more inclusive and conversational relationship with our consumers, thereby focusing on art, creativity and collaborations.”

“The Collection is shot as a fashion film at The Roseate Hotel in New Delhi which is a perfect Anti-trend architectural setting that added to the overall narrative- The Resurgence. Shot in five episodes, the film resurfaces like a volatile glitter only to paint the world brighter going forward. Much like the intricately carved pillars of age old values, the collection reinterprets our classics & brings back the opulence of our journey, almost like a re-incarnated phoenix. The abundant usage of metallic gold & sheen goes well with our contemporary sense of aesthetic & decadence of the collection bringing to the Center Stage our interpretation of the neo-luxe bride.”






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