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FENDI Renaissance – Anima Mundi

New York Digital Preview

‘FENDI Renaissance – Anima Mundi’ global streaming event held in NEW YORK on January 12, 2021. In collaboration with The Juilliard School, a world leader in performing arts education in New York.

Following an established history of supporting emerging artists from the design and visual arts disciplines. The Roman Maison was also proud to start a donation program with Juilliard towards student scholarships in the spirit of supporting creativity at every level. Likewise, enabling current and future young student-artists in the disciplines of music, dance and drama to realize their highest aspirations.

FENDI Anima Mundi NY Juilliard-©BenVogel_Tyler Henderson-Piano

Beyond our admiration for the dedication of the students to have reached the level of achievement having been accepted to the esteemed Juilliard School in their respective disciplines, our shared obsession with craft and the importance that arts play in giving back to society is the reason we at FENDI chose to make a meaningful donation to Juilliard,” said FENDI Chairman and CEO, Serge Brunschwig.

FENDI Anima Mundi NY Juilliard-©BenVogel_Jayla Chee - Bass

Further, performances of classical music masterpieces in Rome, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul. FENDI decided on a different approach for the fifth episode of Anima Mundi shot in 2020, choosing to highlight the talents of the young jazz musician. Subsequently, feeling that this was the right medium for the episode given its American tradition and capacity to cultivate community and connection among the artists and the world.

Further into it…

Our Juilliard students are very excited to be included in this unique, global artistic statement. FENDI has created a provocative suite of episodes showcasing great music, set against iconic architecture. Featuring engaging musicians decked out in the elegant clothes and accessories of FENDI.

It is fitting that Jazz, New York and Juilliard close out this suite. Jazz symbolizes individual freedom, collective creativity and personal resilience–fundamental attributes needed to effectively navigate an increasingly complex world. New York is the quintessential modern metropolis, a cauldron of cutting-edge connectivity. And Juilliard brings youthful virtue, vigor and virtuosity to the timeless challenges of humanity.

The current pandemic has given us an unpredictable set of ever-changing variables. Perfect for Jazz! The  art of mastering the moment with insight, execution and feeling.

We are grateful to FENDI for commissioning a new work by student Aaron Matson. And for supporting our student performing ensemble in a project that so optimistically addresses this very moment. Director Nick Morgan Lieberman has done fantastic work which clearly reveals that Jazz, Juilliard, New York and FENDI play quite well together. We are proud to participate.” said Wynton Marsalis, Director of Juilliard Jazz.

Composition and performance are intended to honour resilience, renewal, and renaissance, FENDI.

Meanwhile, the ensemble of six student musicians from the world-renowned Juilliard Jazz Studies Program in New York had only just begun in-person work on campus in November. Similarly, following rigorous safety protocols began rehearsing an original score composed by master’s student, Aaron Matson, “Rollerblading in Harlem,” commissioned by FENDI for this series.

The idea behind Anima Mundi was conceived during the darkest days of the pandemic in Italy, as a cause for hope, a reason to celebrate, with artists coming together for the first time to perform Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. At our headquarters in Rome at the Summer Solstice.  It is now six months later that students from Juilliard are playing together for the first time in New York. Marking the beginning of a New Year that also brings with it cause for hope for our global community,” said FENDI Artistic Director for Accessories and Menswear, Silvia Venturini Fendi.

In detail about the performance

Filmed in December the students performed together for the first time since New York City shut down in mid-March 2020.  Keeping safety top of mind, the shoot followed Juilliard’s strict protocols. Likewise, social distancing and the use of face masks for the students. Including, the specially designed PPE for their instruments.   The FENDI Women’s and Men’s Fall Winter 2020-2021 Collections gave attires to musicians.

The world-renowned Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center served as the backdrop of the performance of the ensemble when they were playing together overlooking spectacular views of Central Park.  Around Lincoln Center and Juilliard’s performing arts venues is where the solo performance took place. Including Paul Hall, Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio and the Peter Jay Sharp Theater. Normally filled with audience members coming to show their support of students as they perform.

Further, led by Juilliard alumnus and Pulitzer and GRAMMY® award-winning trumpeter and composer, Wynton Marsalis, Juilliard Jazz. Combines education in the history and traditions of jazz with professional performance opportunities designed to integrate students into a thriving jazz environment.  Celebrating its 20th year in 2021, Juilliard Jazz is one of the newer programs of study at Juilliard. Which was founded in 1905 and long renowned for its superlative performing arts education in classical music, dance, and drama. 

The student performers make up a prestigious group. Simultaneously, achieving much acclaim form mastery of their various instruments in the world of Jazz. They are saxophonist Colin Waters, trumpeter Summer Camargo, drummer Taurien Reddick, bassist Jayla Chee, pianist Tyler Henderson, and trombonist Jasim Perales.

FENDI Renaissance- Anima Mundi  launched on January 12, 2021 onthe official FENDI website and @fendi, and on the official Juilliard site and @JuilliardSchool.






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