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Festivities is the time to indulge in Desserts

From traditional Mithais to homemade Rabris to fusion Laddoos, Diwali gives you one more reason for sinful indulgence. Here’s the best of Desserts spread for the season around-

 MADE IN PUNJAB– Zorawar Kalra’s Made in Punjab is the perfect place to enjoy Rich Indian food. Zorawar Kalra says, “Diwali the festival of lights is a perfect occasion to indulge in desserts. We at Made in Punjab bring a number of delicacies, which are a perfect amalgamation of sweetness, richness, and purity. We are offering a selection of sinful desserts to choose from for this special occasion that will create a spell that satisfies the soul with pure Punjabi love. Desserts at Made in Punjab like condensed milk ice cream dipped in berry cream and khus Falooda, Soft, flavorful and perfectly textured “Mango Rosgulla” along with crispy “Nukkad Jalebi” with lachcha Rabri are some the signature offerings. Enjoy chef’s special Ras “Dates” Malai a classic rendition with an innovation of Rabri with dates.

DARYAGANJ-  At DARYAGANJ we believe in the spirit of innovation, our founder’s grandfather late Mr. Kundan Lal Jaggi invented the two most popular dishes of Indian cuisine butter chicken and dal makhani, and taking that legacy on innovation forward we have created a one of its kind product – The Baileys Kulfi, giving a modern twist to the traditional Kulfi. We wanted to create a Kulfi with a flavor variation that was never seen before but at the same time has a taste which is exceptional, and not done just for the heck of it. In the summers, it gets really hot leading to the Kulfi on the stick melting much faster and making it a very messy affair. To find a solution to this we hit the idea of Innovating to develop a “Kulfi drip tray”. After experimenting with multiple options of the prototypes, and testing the drip Tray with actual Kulfi on the stick samples we finalized the final product design, it enhances the cool quotient and makes it a fun-loving experience. It also brings comfort to the guest while enjoying the Kulfi. The overall taste creates a perfect balance of traditional authentic Kulfi embellished with a modern ingredient like Baileys, providing an elevated and flavorful experience. Its Plethora of flavors in one bite, the first bite gives the taste of a traditional Kulfi and culminates immediately into an after taste of the popular creamy liquor Baileys. Apart from Kulfi, We are launching this Diwali apart from Kulfi classic Indian Mithai brand Which will serve traditional mithai of India in a chic and contemporary packaging without playing or experimenting with the classic flavors of the mithai and keeping the flavours intact, Says Amit Bagga, Co-Founder Daryaganj.

GARAM DHARAM– Garam Dharam with its launch surely upscaled the game of Northern cuisine. Umang Tewari created property inspired by Veteran Actor Dharmendra brings you the best of Mithai Spread. Right from Shahi Tukda to Moong Dal Halwa to Rasmalai to Gulab Jamun, if you Indian at Heart, you would want to end the meal with these specialties. Taking one through the best desserts Delhi has ever served, take turns at each one starting from chilled rice “Kesar Phirni” topped with dry fruits or Garam Jalebi, Garam Dharam for this Diwali introduces the lavish spread of Mithai.

SWAD DESH VIDESH KA- Dinesh Arora’s Swad Desh Videsh Ka offers vast selection of Desserts. Get a slice of the best dessert in Delhi with Swad’s wholesome dessert menu. A jumbo-sized Gulab Jamun stuffed with Gulkand “Gulab-e-Gulkand”. Hot “Malpua” served with Rabri or Ice cream. Also get to enjoy also with this fresh circular sphere’s made from a batter and soaked in house made sugar syrup and served with condensed milk and dry fruits “Jalebi with Rabri” and a “Season’s favorite dessert” that keeps bringing the freshness alive.

FARZI CAFÉ- Another stellar property by Zorawar Kalra’s Massive Restaurants is Farzi Café.  A bustling café that creates a fusion Indian and International flavors offers a diversity of perfectly textured and flavored desserts. Focusing on gourmet dining it creates a new interpretation of classic dishes. Ras Malai Tres Leches Dessert is one of the most popular desserts that use milk topped with carrot cream and rose petal net, it sums up to a heavenly combination. Parle-G Cheesecake with milk custard and cookie dough essence. Lemon custard tart with a raspberry splash, Bailey’s lollipop along with Balushai 2.0 and a signature Chocolate Dirt pile.

THE MARKETPLACE– Diwali is best celebrated with Diyas , flowers . We are doing environmental friendly Diwali with indulgence in Food, though with connection to festivities. Enjoy Chocolate shaped Diyas, Rocket pops and Jalebi this year at The Marketplace, Says Shivam Sehgal, and Founder of The Marketplace.

THE IMPERIAL SPICE– Owner Varun Khera at The Imperial Spice says that going with Fusion food concept, we have given very contemporary twist to Desserts. Our unique dessert is Ghewar chaat. A combination of refined flour, Chhena Bhalla and chutneys, Ghewar chaat is perfect amalgamation that balances sweet and tangy flavours. Priced at Rs 249 only Ghewar chaat is sheer indulgence. It is the most unusual dessert one will find this season. Roasted Rosgulla in Tandoor is crispy, sweet and very unusual. One makes sweet marination of Sweet curd, Rabri and saffron. Marinated Rasgulla in Mixture and keep it aside for some time. Relish with Rabri.

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