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The end of monogamy as we know it and the rise of open couples

In the last year we have witnessed a significant shift within our community. Being an extramarital dating app, Gleeden is mostly used by individuals who are married or in a long-term relationship seeking for adding some spice into their love lives, being this either a real-life affair or just a virtual flirt. And even though the majority of our users continue to belong to this profile type, not necessarily they are doing it without the consent of their partners. According to one of our latest studies, 55% of Gleeden users believe that monogamy is a social construct and over 47% among them have opened up their couple with the consent of their partners. This means that the couple have decided to grant each other (together or separately) the possibility of straying away. These adventures are meant to be short-term and not to undermine the existing relationship, but a way to bring some distraction and fun into the couple.

Privacy as a luxury good

Another trend that we have been witnessing within our users is the increase of singles using extramarital dating apps such as Gleeden.

Once devoted mostly to adventure seeking married individuals, the last year Gleeden witnessed an increase in the number of single users. People who were once married or in a long-term relationship that have now changed their marital status to “divorced”, “separated” or “single” and wish to go back to dating without everybody in their circles knowing it. What makes Gleeden different from the other dating apps, such as Tinder, Happn, Bumble or OkCupid is the absolute discretion and privacy of usage. Profile pictures are not mandatory, and users get to know each other via conversations, postponing the possibility to see each other’s faces only once they establish a connection and a level of trust that allow them to comfortably share the access to their private photo albums. This allows users not to get recognized by the accidental acquaintance navigating the app, that might recognize the user and spoil the secret.

After being locked down for months with the family, privacy has become a luxury good that people are now valuing more than ever. Not necessarily because they are doing something forbidden or frown-upon by society, but simply because in an era where everybody noses into each other’s businesses through social media, the privacy of doing something and keeping it private has become more and more important, especially when it comes to something as sensitive and personal as dating

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