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Ganesh Chaturthi Exclusive

Divine Wooden Home Temples

22nd August 2020, marks the beginning of the much-awaited Ganesh Utsav. This day initiates the arrival of Lord Ganesha to the Earth with Mother Gauri. People bring idols of the lord to the home for carrying on the worshipping procession for 10 days and lastly gather together to immerse it in the water bodies. 

With the pandemic of COVID-19, people today have to follow their ritual at their home itself. So, to make it easy for all here are some of the best home temples to cherish the divine journey even at being in the four walls.

Bhagirathi Home Temple

Being a portable mandir for home, Bhagirathi can be a fabulous option for incorporating a temple as per your convenience. This temple is exquisitely designed with tomb like structure above to give the vibe of the mandir you visit. Further, portable temples give ease to be shifted for redecorating more, be it behind the wood or decking the marigold flowers in front. To add more, the tray for earthen lamps and a drawer bring you the serviceability too.

Maurya Home Temple

Chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya would be more heart-warming when you have Maurya home temple at your home. This home temple holds two doors with jaali patterns for signifying the traditional touch. Furthermore, the top of the temple is flanked with accentuating detailing, and the base gives rest to four drawers. The supreme feature of this pooja mandir is the ability to shift from pole to post. The credited portability gives you the option for placing the mandir in the best spare space.

Ananta Home Temple

The most immeasurable thing that you can do to your home is seek the blessings of the Lord by dignifying him with a high position in the room. This is where you can put wall mount Pooja mandir in your home like Ananta. Featuring an intensively modern design and sufficient shade to Bappa, a mandir like this is what you need for your home today. Moreover, the furniture also assists storage so that an empty corner can be lightened up completely for serving the purpose of pooja.

Advait Home Temple

Ever thought of making a pale wall the prettiest of all. Well, what can be prettier than a temple that venerates the idol of the lord to the core. This is the power of Advait home temple from Wooden Street. At one end, this furniture is perfectly crafted to be spacious and noticeable. However, you do get the reservation to follow the rituals of decorating the temple and the idol at par. With this, Advait is uniquely made with indented netted pattern on the back panel. No wonder, a beautifully made mandir can beautify the idol and thus the hour of worship.

Valdim Home Temple

Valdim home temple is the perfect example of versatility and functionality. The dual personality of it can allow the unit to be both a floor unit as well as a floating one. Certainly, you have a choice to make! In fact, the pooja mandir is purely designed for turning up the festive mood with its curvy head and space friendly storage. You can definitely count on this mandir to fit anywhere, be on the floor or at a height.

Make this Ganesh Chaturthi dazzling as always, with getting home temples to honor your prayers to the Lord. Small homes and living spaces will be out of question when you have mandir options for every homely area. So, this is our way of giving greetings for the occasion in advance with mandir ideas for the modern abode.

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