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Gleeden Dating trends among grown-ups!

The country wide lockdown has rejuvenated the feeling of love and relationships among individuals. On one hand where couples are coming closer, singles are also not letting any stone unturned in the quest for finding their true love.

In order to find out the the latest findings & trends amongst its niche user base that lies between the age bracket of 34-49 years Gleeden; an extramarital dating app rolled out a survey among 1000 of its users base. The survey was carried across Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

The findings from the survey are pretty exciting and it was found that about 72% of Gleeden’s users are willing to meet their online dates after the restrictions are lifted. The observations also included the expectations and desires of the couples, enclosed are some findings from it.

  1. ‘Love’ can be shared

Nowadays, couples have become more practical towards their relationship and life and are seeking a sound & compatible relationship with their life partner. But in case they don’t get it from them, rather than ending the relationship, people are trying to find their happiness from the outside world. About 48.1% people have confirmed that they can be in love with two different people at the same time while 44.5% have voted against it. A minute 7.4% are indecisive about their decision.

Also about 46% of Indians have admitted that were/are in a relationship outside their wedlock.

  1. Need a partner not a fling!

Interestingly, it has been found out that most of the people committing Infidelity are trying to find a companion rather than flashy flings on Gleeden’s platform. About 68.2% Gleeden users are only confined to one relationship outside their wedlock while only 7.6% of the total users would like to enjoy multiple dates.

  1. 2nd chance is acceptable

It takes a lot to forgive someone who cheated on you but with changing times couples have started addressing & accepting the reasons behind someone committing Infidelity. It has been found out that 36.9% of Gleeden users are willing to forgive their partners without any condition while for 40.1% of them; their future will depend on the reason behind the Infidelity. About 23% of the users will like to call it quits after such an incident happens.

  1. Friends are always the secret keeper

We all have that one person in our life who is the keeper of all our dark secrets and when it is something like committing Infidelity, the other person really needs to be trustworthy.  It has been found out that about 37.5% of Gleeden users are willing to share the secrets about their love affair with their close friends while 31.3% will confess their secret in front of their siblings. The remaining 31.2% would like to reveal their secrets in front of their parents and spouses in order to get rid of their guilty feelings.

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