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GRAFF Presents Cutting-Edge Finishes Complementing Its Portfolio

GRAFF®, the manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products has added two new cutting-edge finishes i.e. Brushed Onyx and Brushed OR’Osa complementing the existing product portfolio. Very attractive and with a distinctive metallic look Brushed Onyx is an extremely contemporary finish with a refined texture and an unmistakable shade of color, with a nostalgic industrial feel and a tone of color that recalls the copper intensity; the Brushed Or’osa is bound to become one of the most sought after finishes of the year.

Both new finishes are obtained through a PVD process. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an innovative surface coating process which allows obtaining a very high level of surface hardness, as well as unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and house detergents. Using the PVC technology, GRAFF is bringing perfect harmony in quality and designs to every product. With its sophisticated character, Brushed Onyx suits perfectly contemporary metropolitan environments. On the other hand, Brushed Or’osa intense texture and glamorous appeal fits industrial spaces as well as modern luxurious bathroom environments.

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