Harshit Malik, Wisdom Coach, Enrichment Guide and an Entrepreneur

Harshit Malik is fondly known as the ‘Wisdom Curator’- in his circle of friends and family! As a first generation entrepreneur who has tasted the highs and lows of entrepreneurship in every conceivable business over the last 25 years, Harshit understands the value and impact of ‘human outlook’ in every dimension of life, happiness and success.
In 2018, Harshit launched his dream project with Jumpstart- A Co-Work Hub to empower the entrepreneurs of Uttarakhand to become a part of the start-up culture that was burgeoning across India. For Harshit the guiding philosophy of life is simple, “As an entrepreneur, the joy of life is in creating a new world every single day, and as a conscious human the joy of life is in gifting this joy to a new soul every single day!”.
Working with global corporate leaders, legacy entrepreneurs and start-up founders enabled Harshit to gain an invaluable insight into the huge difference between mindsets, thought models and the overall outlook people across geographies have; he felt privileged to have experienced and learned such diverse perspectives. Filled with a deep sense of purpose to share these rich lessons with the world, Harshit launched his YouTube channel in early 2020. Harshit’s videos aspire to achieve a singular goal that is to inspire people to ‘Open their Minds’. Harshit is a visionary far ahead of his time who had passionately created the democratic platform ‘Walk-Talk Radio’- India’s first content powered radio in the #ENRICHtainment genre.
In 2020, Harshit launched Vastu Wisdom, a unique platform that helps individuals transform their lives with ancient knowledge of Vastu Science. Today, he’s also passionately building Devahaar- A natural food brand that is helping people to adopt a healthier food lifestyle.
Being an ardent dreamer and a passionate achiever, Harshit Malik always wishes to make this world a better place for living. He hails from Uttarakhand and is committed to his hard work, leaving no stone unturned to fulfill the desires of the people of his native place. Harshit has also created significant business opportunities in the industries like Hospitality, Trading, Education, Real Estate and Business Advisory Services in India, UK and Middle East.

Harshit’s encouraging thoughts bring positivity to every task that he takes on, in order to achieve the best output. He chose to be a leader instead of being a boss and believes in working with his employees rather ordering them. After all, an awesome leader makes the workplace better which in turn brings out the best output. He understood what all an entrepreneur needs and being rooted in the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, he supported a number of startups through his Angel Network Program.
Harshit’s philosophy is to work with people and for the people and this makes him more enthusiastic and positive minded. To his family and colleagues, he is a role model and he always makes sure that he maintains his place in everyone’s heart. He thinks less about his past achievements and dreams more about using all his efforts for making a better tomorrow. Being a successful entrepreneur and a marvelous strategist, he made sure that he works in almost every industry to bring overall development to society

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