How modern age fashion is evolving with the new generation

By  Mr. Pankaj Maini-Founder Boi Bae

New-age fashion and its innovation is the need for an hour and post-pandemic we have found how the new-age generation feels the importance and necessity of change in fashion. Shifting towards the power of technology, digital technology is the often-used term in today’s time as it provides a lot of advantages in the world of Fashion.

Here are some of the major ways in which modern-age fashion is evolving with the new generation-

Eco-Friendly Clothing There is a drastic change in youngsters’ choices and preferences, today’s youngsters prefer wearing clothes that are environmentally friendly and support the environment in some or another way. The generation nowadays is keen to know what they are actually wearing with a lot of studies taken in the process. This pro-activeness and conscious belief is definitely changing shopping patterns. Nowadays Young groups love wearing brands that directly align with their values and stand strong against environmental issues.

Comfy & Stylish clothing-Lockdown has truly witnessed individuals opting to find comfort in fashion instead of the previously preferred impeccable uncomfortable clothes. This was not a sudden shift, but a gradual one as the world adjusted to living in these unprecedented times and working from home with all its comfort.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way people used to wear clothes and having said that above lockdown times have enhanced the importance of comfy clothes that can be worn all day long. From oversized jackets to sweatpants, kaftans and crops, or free-flowing house dresses and PJ pants and tunics are what girls and boys both love wearing in today’s time. According to the studies its found that Gen Z fashion is very, very casual, and slightly sexier than older generations were dressing at their age. Be it bike leggings, oversized sweatshirts, or tees younger ones very well know how to carry in the style.

Denims-A trend that may just never go out of style is denim. During the summers, one can opt for extra-soft denim – a timeless article of clothing that is softer than silk and cool as linen. Denim has the power to be paired with just about anything to give you the instant dapper look. People’s growing concerns for inclusivity and the environment are also having an impact on denim trends.

Personalised clothings-This new-age youngsters demand new something that is unique and out of the box, this custom-fit clothing is a fast-growing and popular new style and trend. Chatbots and touchscreens are being used in stores to improve customer experience and customized product suggestions. It’s almost impossible to head to a fashion brand’s website and not find some form of AI chat technology that’s being used to help enhance the customer experience. The technology behind AI includes algorithms that track customers’ journeys to match them with the right products.

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