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In Conversation with Shruti Daga, Co-Founder ‘Nasher Miles’

Please tell us more about your association with Chennai Super Kings as licensed travel partners?

We are very proud to be associated with Chennai Super Kings . They have been one of the most successful IPL franchises and that has come through a lot of hard work, determination & grit. The players as well as the fans take great pride in the team. We share the same philosophy when it comes to our journey and we endeavour to emulate the bond they share with their fans, and with our customers.

The Name ‘Nasher Miles’ seems very unique…what does it refer to? What’s the story?

The name Nasher is derived from the Persian word “Nasher Kardan” meaning to publish. The word “Miles” underlines every mile of the journey of a traveller. The term “Nasher Miles” together refers to a promise of bringing to the world, real travel experiences.

 What makes ‘Nasher Miles’ unique?

Being travel enthusiasts, our collections are named after different places in the world. We draw inspiration from unique characteristics and geographies. Colour takes centre stage whenever we think of new designs. We include at least 5-7 colours in every collection.

Describe your brand in three words.

If we were to describe Nasher Miles in 3 words then it would be Fun, Bold and Sturdy.   The bags are bold, sturdy and fun as it helps you to stand apart from the crowd of the same old-fashioned grey and black bags and makes your travel experience fun.

 What about the color options and varieties in suitcases and bags?

The collections are named after places such as Mumbai, Paris, and Nicobar, and the most recent collection is named Istanbul which is dual-coloured and something that you don’t see very often on conveyor belts. What sets them apart are their pastel hues and their unique and modern combinations of colours which complement the newly established “airport look”. From shades of teal interposed with sailor blue to peach and pink interposed with a sombre grey or the timeless blue and yellow. Nasher Miles offers a premium collection of bags, backpacks and luggage trolleys.

How do you plan to develop your brand identity?

Since the beginning, we’ve been very affirmative of delivering the best to our fellow travellers and we believe in zero compromises. The outer shells of our bags are excellent and nearly unbreakable which we are proud of. Nasher Miles keeps the promise of being a faithful companion in all your travels with colourful bags and a premium collection of bags, backpacks, and luggage trolleys have a shell that is unbreakable and comes with a lifetime warranty against any damage to the shell.

Please give some travel packing tips.

Nasher Miles produces and markets a variety of hard side and soft side luggage, backpacks, and duffle bags. Some tips to make your travel easy and packing hassle-free:

Roll, don’t fold -Our bags are spacious so one can fit large numbers of items. One can use the age-old technique of ‘roll, don’t fold’ to fit more items.

Keep your bag smelling fresh -Add a small cedar chip, a sprig of lavender, or even cinnamon sticks to keep your luggage smelling clean and fresh. If you add a small muslin bag of rice to your luggage when travelling to a humid destination, it will absorb the moisture and keep your clothes fresh.

Use packing cubes– This helps keep your suitcase neat and keeps you from having to unfold and displace everything to locate one outfit.


Premium suitcases and trolley bags.Nasher Miles is licensed travel partner for Chennai Super Kings as well and it brings  the best luggage bag for travel.




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