3 packaging themes that will elevate your brand

By Priyal Kashyap, Co-Founder ExtraAF

To play it safe and boring is so 2010. It’s 2022. Things are evolving more than ever and brands are getting bolder day by day. Now is the time to step up and experiment, be more creative, have an impact and an interpersonal connection with your consumers.

Consumers are now more aware and conscious of their purchasing habits, and that’s why more and more entrepreneurs are making efforts to tell their story and their purpose to them.

Priyal Kashyap, Co-founder ExtraAF sheds light on 3 packaging themes that will elevate your brand and make it stand out this year.

  1. Transparency:

Not just with your brand communication, using transparent packaging like see-through slits and packs for your product is now being revived again in 2022 in new ways to elevate products. This also helps the consumer actually see the product before purchase, with an advantage of your brand coming off as honest with nothing to hide, all with a bonus of really making your product more dimensional and cool to just really look at.

  • Minimal layout, Vivid Gradient:

White space already has a lot of potential to truly captivate consumers without the clutter. Now imagine being in the same minimal space, with an added dimension of vivid colours to captivate your consumer right off the shelf in the first go. Not only does it give a striking balance of depth with visual harmony, adding colourful gradients with hyper minimal text is as close as you can get to true visual ASMR incorporated on your packaging.

  • Loud Type:

Bigger, Badder. Bolder. The chunkier the text, the better it will grab eyeballs, at-least when it comes to dominating shelf space. Gone are the days of keeping intricate visual details at the top and type at the bottom of the design hierarchy. With the current year trend, the louder your voice, the better your brand. Clubbed with striking font pairings and colour schemes, type dominated packaging is just the ingredient to clutter breaking packaging.

As a team of Gen Z content creators, our aim will always be to strive harder and provide brands with fresh and unique innovative approaches in their search of finding an identity and striving and shining in the world.

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