Indri-Trini, The New Single Malt from India, Wins Another Gold

1st Position in Best Indian Single Malt Category at The International Whiskey Competition 2022

Indri-Trini,a remarkable single malt from the house of Piccadily Distillery, has emerged to be one of the finest and unrivalled spirits across the globe. With its launch in 2022, Indri has gained prestigious recognition and has won laurels in the Indian and international markets.

The International Whisky Competition is one of the most renowned whisky competition in the world. It interacts with the whisky community through a variety of social media platforms with special medals that are designed to highlight each of the winning whiskies. Launched in 2010 to celebrate whisky drinkers, distillers, and those who work behind the scenes in making whiskies. In the 13th edition of the International Whiskey Competition, Indri – Trini won a Gold Medal in the Best Indian Single Malt category of 2022.

Indri single malt is distilled in Indri, Haryana, in the Himalayan foothills, near the Yamuna basin. This exquisite single malt is made from indigenous six-row barley grown for hundreds of years in Rajasthan. Matured with care since 2010, Indri–Trini is also the first Indian whisky to be produced in three different wooden barrels: ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and PX sherry casks.

Indri-Trini Single Malt Indian Whisky:

Indri, is named after the place where the distillery is located, it is a quaint little village situated in the catchment area of River Yamuna, nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Indri also refers to the word Indri or Indriya in Sanskrit, which denotes the 5 senses i.e., Smell-Taste-Touch-Sight-Sound. 

Trini – The Three Wood, is curated by our master craftsmen. It is distilled using the traditional Indian 6 row barley, matured in selected barrels, and blended carefully to bring out the Individual contribution of each wood (first fill bourbon, Ex-French wine and PX sherry Casks) without overshadowing the original whisky profile. 

Indri – Trini bottled at 46%ABV, is a Non-Chill Filtered whisky

NOSE: Hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple with a whiff of oak from the barrel comes forward, followed by vanilla and honey from the bourbon oak and traces of spiced tannins from the European oak, finally topped up with vinous raisin and sweet sherry notes. Gentle and mellow on the nose.

TASTE: Elegant richness, smooth and warm on the sides of the mouth. Gentle spice and wood characters come through, followed by nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins.

FINISH: A subtle and balanced finish where each flavour compliments one another without dominating. A smooth and long aftertaste with sweet fruity flavours coming up from the warmth of the throat, lingering long after.

About Piccadily Distilleries:

Part of the Piccadily distillery group which has three distilleries in the Northern part of India: Indri, Patiala and Bawal.  The malt distillery at Indri, located off the famous Grand Trunk Road (which linked Central Asia to the Indian Subcontinent for almost 2500 years) was set up in 2012. The distillery is also home to 6 traditional copper pot stills (designed and made in India) and 40,000 barrels. Today, it is India’s largest independent malt manufacturer and seller of malt spirits, with a production capacity of 12000 litres per day and making it a 4 million litres distillery per annum. The distillery is rapidly expanding its warehousing capacity to hold another 30,000 barrels. A new visitor centre is also under construction and will be open for visitors by the end of the year. 

The extreme temperature of the Northern plains helps our malt spirit mature faster inside the barrels, naturally. This also means the angels happily take away their share, leaving behind sweet tropical flavours and rich natural colour. The distillery proudly uses no Fossil fuels to generate its power needs. 

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