International Men's Day I Celebrating men with swag and style!

 is right around the bend and whether it is your brother, husband, brother or friend, it is the perfect time to celebrate them. If your man loves some swag and style, then your search for gifting options ends here! 
Every colour is a great colour
Sameer Madan Feb'19-29.jpg
Colour has no gender. It is an expression of emotions and feelings. Sameer Madan’s exquisite and modern silhouettes with out-there daring colour will let him explore and indulge in a colour palette that he is sure to love
Indulge in the feel of textures and exclusivity 
As we move forward towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society, allow him to relish the feeling of the exquisite and slow fashion over fast-paced fashion while embracing his personality and exploring new horizons. Ace menswear designer Kunal Anil Tanna believes that textures bring in nostalgia and memories. In his opinion, Men and menswear must reflect an inner true character, even if it has a sensitive and wounded image.”
Pamper yourself with some goodness
Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Everyone needs to take care of their skin and a spa day shouldn’t only be restricted to the ladies. 
Nandeeta Manchanda, founder and owner, ENN’s Closet emphasis on the importance of beauty regime and the stereotype around beauty products “Enn’s has always believed that there’s no real reason that beauty products need to be in outdated binary categories for ”men“ and ”women“ . On the occasion of International Men’s day, with our unisex products, we’d like to showcase and celebrate the self-expression of beauty for men and women alike.”
The shady shade game
EN P+ 4002 C2 SIDE.jpg
This unisex accessory allows you to explore a plethora of styles, moods and shapes. A great pair of sunglasses will definitely elevate his fashion quotient. Priyal Thacker, founder and owner of Enrico sunglasses comments “  Who said only women like to play dress-up? It is perceived in this world when a woman goes the extra mile to look good for an event, their effort is appreciated. Whereas when men do the same, they are termed as being less manly or asked why do you care so much? A man should be complimented for taking pride in their appearance. Gone are the days when women used to only take pride in their appearance and men took pride in their monetary success!”

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