Day 1: Lakmé Salon and Pankaj & Nidhi present Kaleido

Kaleido is a collection of free-flowing hair looks and bright-hued, flowy garments that encourage women to embrace and enhance their natural form. The term “Kaleido” is derived from a Greek term meaning “beautiful form”, which evokes the essence of this collection. 


  • This versatile, fluid collection by Lakmé Salon perfectly offset the riot of colours and holiday-ready silhouettes. Inspired by the basic elements of 3D geometry, especially optical pyramids, Pankaj & Nidhi offers a new vision for the New Year, with luminous fabrics, wanderlust-inducing silhouettes and edgy, psychedelic textures and patterns.
  • The visual vocabulary of the collection is sharp and precise in a rainbow palette of brilliant reds, luscious oranges, unabashed pinks, ultra-violet blues, and electric greens, all in a mélange of retro-graphic patterns.
  •  The shine of prismatic elements interpreted in the holographic embroidery; dexterously hand-cut appliqués in triangles, squares, and diamonds with grading evocative of the transition of light from its colourless form to its disbursed spectrum. 


 A burst of rainbow hues of brilliant reds, luscious oranges, unabashed pinks, ultra-violet blues, and electric greens. 


 “With Kaleido, we wanted to bring about a sense of freedom, hope and happiness, and I think with the bright colours, versatile silhouettes, and edgy geometric patterns, we were able to do justice to that vision on the runway. Each piece we created exudes joy and optimism and is also extremely wearable. Lakmé Salon’s haircut and style collection enhanced our clothes, and we’re so glad we partnered with their incredibly talented team for this show.”

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