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Launch of “Rakhwaali “

Studio Gaaba, a production and content communication house that work with brand stories and brand engagements have released a visual concept in collaboration with designer Ayush Kejriwal, titled “Rakhwaali” (meaning caretaker) to shed light on the pressing issue of the disproportionate distribution of household responsibilities that an Indian woman has to live with amid the lockdown.

“The idea is to humanize a message,” says Ayush. “Rakhwaali Ke Rakhwale” is a phrase that gets to the viewer through the voiceover panning in the video, and whispers to them that those who take care of us, need someone to take care of them as well, and if this war against the virus isn’t in our hands to fight, the least we can do is ease the burden off of those we love.

Due to the lockdown still prevailing, the shoot was conducted virtually using ‘FaceTime’. This trend is being followed by photographers around the world due to the will to keep creating content.

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