Lockdown Special

Impact of Interiors on Human Psyche

By Gobind Kapur, Partner & Product Designer at Maison Du Luxe

Considering the current scenario, the work from home situation is here to stay. The pandemic across the globe has forced people to work remotely and they have no option but to comply. By practicing simple techniques like social distancing and self-quarantine one can contribute to controlling the further outspread of the virus. With all of the private sector practicing it, there is no room for an alternative. But that doesn’t mean the entire process has to be dull and monotonous. The interiors of a house play an imperative role in human psychology as our surroundings have a deep impact on the mind. While the situation might not be under any man’s control, what we can do is ensure a better environment that promotes work. Gobind Kapur, Partner & Product Designer at Maison Du Luxe believes in designing and delivering living environments that are timeless, experiential, and on the leading edge of design innovations. The spaces designed by them aim to be bespoke & flawless and in many ways, make working from home both a seamless experience and an aesthetic delight. His own house is a stunning exemplification of a remarkable interiors adept with aesthetics & functionality. The space is a boon in terms of a visual treat in these depressing times.

With ample natural light entering through the window & reflection of various hues, this living room acts as a catalyst for work efficiency.

An area that’s not always taken into consideration is the psychological effect of interior design on one’s subconscious. The choices that one makes when deciding how your home will look have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions. The lockdown has left people across the globe feeling underwhelmed and less driven to go about their daily routines. The environment around us affects our mood, productivity, energy levels, aptitude, and attitude.

A beautiful interior is a space where one feels relaxed, comfortable, organized, and at peace as the idea of the space is to be thought of as therapeutic. Sitting in one corner of the house can get quite dull and monotonous, Choosing the perfect set up to work from home can aid in improving skills and better work performance.

The wallpaper in the background bought from Italy reminds Gobind of a time when travelling was allowed & exploring various places for inspiration was the norm. Sitting in his favorite spot he works on designing innovative furniture that promotes social distancing by implementing self cleaning materials on it. It considers communication and user experience for instance how spaces work, how individuals respond to this when going about their daily lives, and how people move around space and interact with objects or people. With the ability to combine engineering, construction, art, and psychology in creating spaces interior specialists must consider the basic provision of design.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of despair, uncertainty, and disturbance, it is important to remind ourselves that although the situation isn’t under our control our approach is. The way we look at it defines our stake in this crucial manner. All architects and designers should do what they do best: face the future with optimism and creativity and adapt to present circumstances. We must join hands so that when the coronavirus pandemic passes, we will emerge ready to design a better future.

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