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Measures & Precautions for Weavers

Before & after the Lockdown

The COVID 19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown have disrupted all kinds of business activities round the globe. Textile industry is too facing the declining rate of sales due to sudden shut downs of businesses. The textile industry plays a crucial role in restoring India’s culture and heritage but now as per the current issued guidelines by govt. authorities it is trying to relocate itself in the market while taking effective measures.

OBEETEE, one of the leading hand-woven carpets brand was started in 1920.  The frontline operations of the brand are run from Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh where 25,000 weavers and several designers are working with the brand. Being a responsible and committed organization, we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all, with state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched employee benefits.

Angelique Dhama, Spokesperson and Chief Marketing Officer of said, “OBEETEE weavers and designers are the cornerstone of our business. As a brand, we consider them as our responsibility and take pride in our long –standing relationships with them. Considering the current situation, we have taken proper precautions and measures for their well –being and will continue to do same in future as well”

In these current times of the Pandemic, while many operate from the safety of their  homes , we are actively distributing food and sanitation supplies to over 2000 families that are spread over 100 small villages around the factory,

Over the past week, Obeetee’s senior members have been supplying essentials to those who are most valued at the organization -the weavers, craftsmen and their families, to sustain their livelihood and well being. The activity is being undertaken with several precautions like social distancing, use of hygiene kits including hand sanitizers, masks and gloves to be sure of everyone’s safety.

At the time of distribution, the families are being briefed of the importance of hand washing , maintaining physical distance within their social circle and staying aware and safe in the current situations.With this, we have been also adopting preventive measures to ensure the safety of our employees and everybody.

Even before the lockdown, the safety measures were put in action at the  factory. To avoid touching the surface where multiple people mark their visits, the biometric attendance punching was put on hold at all our offices and factories until any further notice on the spread. Employees were using their ID cards only for attendance punching. our employees were scanned with thermo scanners for any abnormalities in their body temperatures by the office security and people below 94F or above 98F are sent back home and advised to see the doctor without any further investigation. The process was same for our offices and factories.

As per the WHO guidelines, it is more important to wash our hands frequently with running water and soap rather than just sanitizing them. To ensure this practice our employees were supposed to have a mandatory hand wash before entering the office or the factory after which only they can proceed any further. Also within the premises alcohol based hand sanitizers were placed at different places and all employees sanitized their hands frequently throughout the day. To avoid any communicable contact of illness the , it was made compulsory for the factory staff  to wear face mask, after which only they are allowed to enter the factory premises. The company also provided mask to workers who needed them.

Since the outside postal or courier packets contains maximum possibility of carrying antigens, and to avoid such happenings they are properly treated by heat before opening and handled with gloves on.

We have been constantly ensuring awareness of COVID outbreak and to do that we have made posters and others awareness materials which are placed all around the workplaces with helpline numbers incase anyone wants to know more about the symptoms or consult a professional help.

In addition to this we have constituted committee in each section who will be responsible to identify the employee working there if they have any symptoms or health complaint and report to HOD and Admin Department.

Healthy habits can fight with any sort of illness but team effort is always needed to conquer any battle. If together we stand strong against the virus with solidarity, then we will surely be able to get rid ofthe pandemic in less time.

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