Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, Spring-Summer 2021


The Wildflower collection of ruffle skirts, trench coats and boiler suits actually focuses on introspection and spiritual growth!


·        Subtle yet strong details like pearl collar and hand-embroidered leather cut outs

·         ‘A new detailing ‘broken china’ mosaic print on leather interspersed with pearl detailing explored

·        Scallop detailing , ruffles, embroidered pressed flowers ( created using scraps of

Focal Point

This collection is designed using the principles of re-cycle and up-cycle. All the tulle pieces are designed using left over fabrics and embroidered pressed flowers are created using scraps of fabrics in different colours.

 About the Fashion Film

A layer of melancholy reverberates in the details of delicately pressed flowers slowly blooming, symbolizing that you are unsure of yourself and people’s opinions about you matter. As the film progresses, the veil slowly starts unravelling; symbolism of confidence, and the clothes showcase that growth. (The softer palette becomes darker, and silhouettes become stronger and bolder. The flirty and fun tulle ruffle skirts shift to Khaki trench coats with scallop detailing and boiler suits with a scatter of pressed flowers in their full bloom. 

A variety of silhouettes and embroideries explored to showcase each phase of growth.. The opposing dichotomy in silhouettes and palettes merge seamlessly in conveying an honest feeling – one of acceptance. In the end, it’s about knowing who you are and being content with yourself. It’s not about reaching the finish line or ticking everything from a checklist; if you’re happy with yourself midway, then that’s your finish line.


Titled ‘Enchanted Forest’ -GUAPA’s Comfort clothing line in easy breezy silhouettes is perfect for the season. Newer categories like Swimwear and Accessories – scarves, hats, bags and earrings introduced in this collection. 


·        Motifs like Mystical Doe,  Magical Bunny, Cherry Bird, Tree of Life and the Indian Marigold Flower used

·        Various techniques of blanket stitch, cutwork embroidery and smocked pleating experimented

Focal Point

From extensively using biodegradable fabrics to reducing waste and upcycling – the  aims is to design functional eco- conscious clothing and accessories. 



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