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Love is Peeping out in the time of Social Lockdown

COVID-19 has brought our lives to a hault. People are following social distancing and meetings & greetings are now limited to phone calls and online conversations. Well, at a time when people are afraid to even see each other, ‘love’ has found its own way to prosper!

People are using online dating platforms like Gleeden to meet strangers (online) or spending their time in order to to know people in a better way that they were already talking to. Nowadays, this feels no less than going out to a bar! To be honest, it’s exactly the kind of “me-time” that people need in their day-to-day life and are somehow now realising it when they are locked up in their homes. We are so used to meeting people, to talk to strangers, to make new acquaintances for work or leisure that now when we are restricted in doing so; these social platforms have become a primary need for most of us.

Especially discreet platforms like Gleeden that put members’ privacy in the first place and guarantees the level of privacy & secrecy that other environments don’t is in high demand these days. From a technical point of view, they are seeing an increase in the number of members connecting from the app instead of the desktop version. This is because it’s easier and more discreet to connect from the phone, where members can activate the “discreet mode” where Gleeden’s interface looks like Facebook’s. Gleeden is also witnessing an increase of sudden disconnections. This is because their members are taking advantage of the “Shake To Exit” function, which allows them to disconnect immediately and close the Gleeden app with just a quick shake of their device. Very useful when the spouse sneaks up on you!

Apart from this, the platform is also registering a longer time spent on the website (1.5x longer than usual depending on the country), longer threads in chat (2.5x times longer than usual), an increase in the upload of pictures in both public and especially private albums and in the number of members who are updating their profiles with a new description.

In Italy for example, where mandatory quarantine has started on March 4, they have seen a boom in subscriptions after the first week that has tripled in the past 2 weeks. The traffic on the website has been increasing by 300% and the time spent on the website went from an average of 2 hours to a current average of 3 hours every day. They are witnessing the same pattern in other countries as well, such as France and Spain, where the lockdown started a few days ago. And India is no less: currently the subscriptions have increased by +70% and we are expecting more as the lockdown continues.

In light of the COVID-19 virus, Gleeden is encouraging its users and everyone worldwide to stay at their homes and not take any risks. Virtual is the safest distance and Gleeden is the safest app for extramarital encounters. So, what are you waiting for? Your online date must be just a click away!

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