Luxurify Carpets by RKS

Hand-Crafted Rugs with It’s Abstract Collection

Hand-knotting, the timeless artistry, weaves a rich tapestry of history, luxury, and culture. For millennia, skilled artisans have crafted hand-knotted carpets, epitomizing comfort, luxury, and practicality in homes worldwide. This ancient technique bears the indelible mark of Persian influence and today, is synonymous with richness and grandeur. Indian artisans believe in the divine art of detail, pouring hours of dedication into each masterpiece.

The Process of crafting rug

Hand-knotted carpet creation is a meticulous process that begins with a full-scale design drawn on graph paper, where each square represents a knot. The design is then transferred to a loom. Cotton warp threads are tied onto the loom, creating a sturdy base. Horizontal weft threads of cotton, wool, or silk are woven, forming the rug’s foundation and edges. After completing the knots, the rug is removed from the loom. The design is refined by trimming, and the pile becomes uniform. Washing removes excess dye and dirt, with drying in the sun stabilizing colors. Final touches, repairs, and a thorough inspection result in a stunning, ready-to-use carpet.

Hand-knotted carpets employ four primary knot types. The traditional ‘Giordes’ knot involves passing yarn between two adjacent warps, creating rectilinear designs. The ‘Senneh’ knot wraps yarn around one warp, yielding fluent, curvilinear designs that can open left or right. The ‘Jufti’ knot, around four warps, is used in single-color rug areas to save material but results in less durable piles. The ‘Tibetan’ knot, employs a temporary rod to create knots by wrapping yarn around two warps and the rod, with rows later cut to form knots. Each knot type lends distinct characteristics to these intricate works of art.

  These carpets are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Crafted from natural fibers, they are biodegradable and renewable, with an energy-efficient production process. These carpets stand the test of time, mitigating the issue of textile waste. 

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