Lyricist Jaani’s ‘Mehrbaniaan’ by Desi Melodies

Romaana, one of the fastest-rising artists in the Indian music industry, has unleashed his eagerly awaited EP, ‘Mehrbaniaan’ via Desi Melodies. This album includes four songs created, composed, and performed by the 26-year-old. Several musicians have produced the music, including Jaani, Avvy Sra, and Jaydden.

Lyricist Jaani, who has written over 100 songs, and also mentored Romaana is immensely proud of him, saying, “Romaana isn’t just an amazing singer, he is a very talented artist as a whole and ‘Mehrbaniaan’ is a true testimony of his versatility. I have very closely seen how he has evolved as an artist in the last few years, his growth has been unparalleled. I am elated to have him in the Desi Melodies family and I am sure he will continue to make us all very proud!’

The first song on the EP, ‘Mehrbaniaan,’ tells a story of a helpless bride who has given up her toxic lover; As the protagonist longs for his partner, ‘Khair Allah Khair’ embodies that longing; The song ‘Kithe Reh Gaye’ is about the love of his life and his desire to win it back, and for ‘Mann Dolje’ Romaana uses the canvas to praise his lover’s eyes and how captivating they are by using alluring metaphors.

Romaana embarked on the journey as a solo artist ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ under the production of Desi Melodies. Written and composed by Jaani, along with music by B-Praak, it currently stands at upwards of 28 million views on YouTube. Jaani has been a part of record-breaking songs such as Arijit Singh’s ‘Pachtaoge’ and B-Praak’s ‘Filhall’. In addition, he wrote the first stanza for B-Praak’s “Baarish Ki Jaaye” featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sunanda Sharma, and is credited as the lyricist of Jassie Gill’s super hit song ‘Ehna Chauni Aa’. The young talent has contributed to superhits like ‘Haath Chumme’, ‘Sufna’ and ‘Qismat’ as well.

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