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Mumbai gets its ‘Winter Mystique’ at Phoenix Marketcity

The destination mall Phoenix Marketcity brings to Mumbai a mesmerizing; large-scaled artistic décorin collaboration with world-renowned floral architect – Tomas De Bruyne.

The mall has steadily sustained its endeavor to patronize and curate pioneering initiatives within the arts. Pushing the envelope and blurring the line between retail and aesthetics. The massive destination mall continues to dip its creative brush into a palette of changing seasons to produce mesmerizing; large-scaled artistic décor within its massive walls, for the aesthete’s viewing pleasure.

Using nature’s various elements and phases as an ongoing theme, the mall has periodically enlisted both renowned and emerging artists from across India and the world, inviting them to interpret the theme using their unique perspectives and expertise.

Winter Mystique:

In partnership with renowned Belgianfloral architect, Tomas De Bruyne, thisyear Phoenix Marketcity,brings to Mumbai: The ‘Winter Mystique’ – a stunning artistic décor!Known for his extraordinary creations and his ability to create magical (floral) installations, Tomas has designed aneck craning central installation made of 2D snowflakesin clearacrylic, sky blue acrylic,and mirror finish, in multiple sizes.With his power to create concepts with space design where he combines functionality with aesthetics, there is minimal structural construction inside this installation that has a play of light beneath it and in-lit snowglobes aroundit.

With bespoke floral architectural experiences worldwide, with Winter Mystique, Tomas De Bruyneaims to celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit and the inner journey of the soul, which is as intricate and individualistic as the contours of a snowflake. The gaiety and cheer of the season is reflected in the Mirror Mosaic, an intricate part of the installation with two mirrored reindeer on either side of the two walkways.

Phoenix Marketcity

Saying it with flowers, the décor unabashedly uses floral and mirror mounds covered with blue floral textures and has a mirror finish.

Talking about his work, Tomas De Bruyne, says: “There is nothing more thrilling than finding that perfect space and partner to host a unique design. Collaborating with Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla to design this installation has been a great experience for me. The installation is a unique amalgam of aesthetic design and utility, which makes it a spectacular visual treat. The mall is spacious and tastefully designed, and it lends itself to my aesthetic vision seamlessly, and complements the installation perfectly. It’s all about creating that personal experience that touches people’s heart.”

Over the years, the destination mall in Kurla has celebrated all the seasons and festivals with the most exquisite offerings of designs and aesthetics, creating memories for all those who have set foot there. Known for its remarkable installations — Tree of Prosperity, World of Christmas and Crystal elephants, Phoenix Marketcity has always added oodles of glamour, style, and oomph to every occasion as it has this year as well with the magnificent installation – The Winter Mystique.

End of Season Sale: Time to visit

With the stunning installation and exciting shopping offers, you can satisfy all your cravings at your favourite destination mall. Unshackle yourself and shop, as Phoenix Market city Kurla gives you a chance to upgrade your wardrobe with an ‘End of season sale’ on top brands. Get there soon!

About Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai

Truly a shopper’s paradise, Phoenix Marketcity is Mumbai’s numero – uno destination for entertainment, dining and shopping. Spanning 2.1 million square feet, the mall houses over 600 premium and High Street Indian and international brands like Zara, H&M, Mango, Forever 21, Vero Moda, Bobbi Brown, Sephora, Hamleys, MAC, Brooks Brothers, Mothercare, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Charles & Keith, Superdry, Fossil, Swarovski, and Adidas, among others.

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