Narendra Kumar’s collection at Lakmé Fashion Week


 Narendra Kumar’s show was a serious food-for-thought presentation about the current socio-political environment of the world, and the clothes will have a lasting impact with the message of inclusivity and diversity.

 “Stranger Noises” by FKNS was the fourth instalment of this protesting label’s fashion series.

FKNS for Narendra means ‘Fake News’, which has troubled the designer for several seasons and he hoped that each collection in this series would hit the right mark.


Inspired by the social events in the world “Stranger Noises”, was a line of conflicting and contrasting creative ideas that reflected the mood of the atmosphere that the world is surrounded in.

Shade Card

 Soft pastels of pink, blue and green

Design Elements

Interesting placement embroidery. The tailored suits were a stylish addition, while the mesh and knitwear completed the look of the range.


Monochrome sportswear strip detail with the branding of ‘FKNS Mumbai’ written all over.

Graffiti letters of words like ‘diversity’, ‘hate’, ‘love’, ‘racism’, ‘beauty’, ‘walls’, ‘inclusive’ and more made an appearance on several garments in the form of digital prints and a bit of sequin embroidery..

 The same words were also painted on the faces of some of the models’ faces and shoes.

Surprise Element

A woman in a pastel green embroidered sari and hoodie who had been sitting near the runway with her back facing the audience was the subject of Narendra’s spray-painting key words of his collection on the pallav of her sari.


 Narendra’s  86-year-old mother, Mrs. Lakshmi Ahmed who read quotes from Maya Angelou’s work to thunderous applause.

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