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Natural Diamond Jewellery: The Perfect Diwali Accessory

Natural diamonds have forever been part of Indian festivities and celebrations. Their rarity and beauty make them ideal for momentous occasions, celebrating life’s happiest moments. With Diwali round the corner, put on your finest jewels to revamp your festive look and be all things glam and trendy. Natural diamond jewellery blends in with all attires, traditional and modern, to compliment the wearer in the most effortless and classy manner. Here are some ways you can elevate your festive look through your jewellery:

Minimal ensemble

If you like to keep it cool and casual, diamond hoop earrings can add class and glamour to your ensemble. Hoops accentuate your attire and commands attention with classiness and subtlety – a perfect accessory to elevate your personal style.

Pooja to taash party

For the seamless transformation from a pooja with family to joining friends for a thrilling evening of taash – a diamond accessory makes for the obvious choice. Whether you embrace the classic desi look or adorn yourself in a contemporary fusion ensemble, a touch of diamond is sure to sparkle up any room you walk into.

Perfect gift for Bhaidooj

With Diwali comes Bhaidooj and there is no better way to celebrate that special bond with your sibling than gifting a thoughtful diamond accessory. Surely to be cherished for many years to come, the gem is a joyous celebration of love and comfort that you will always share with your sibling.

Pic Courtesy-Natural Diamond Council

Accessories for every mood

Diwali calls for you to put your best fashion foot forward with jewels that can match traditional and fusion wear. Choosing a diamond jewellery will ensure you stand out and feel confident and special. Subtle or grand, the spark of the gem captures the attention of those around you.

Valued heirlooms

There are times when you might find yourself divided over which accessory pairs perfectly with your attire. It is at times like these that you can turn to an heirloom, representing your family roots while completing your contemporary modern attire. A significant diamond accessory is always a great way to keep those close to your heart in remembrance.

Courtesy-Natural Diamond Council

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