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On Writing with N Bobo Meitei, author of Tales of Human Mischief

On Writing Fiction with N Bobo Meitei, author of Tales of Human Mischief

Delhi-based Manipuri writer Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei was recently invited by Satyawati College, Delhi for an interactive session. The objective of the event was to discuss how writing works for him and how the stories in his book Tales of Human Mischief were shaped. The author was felicitated by the faculty members of the college and also by the executive members of the North East Society.

At the event, organized by North East Society of the college, N Bobo Meitei underscored some of the important incidents which actually inspired him to write some of the stories in Tales Of Human Mischief. This was followed by the author reading out some paragraphs from his book and a question-and-answer session with the faculty members and the students.

The author said,” I have lived in several cities and have travelled, but deep down I always knew I had write the stories inspired by people have come across. I am not a scholar nor an activist, but a man with stories. My stories are not of big people, they are the stories of ordinary people who, in large number, have made incidents big and visible. Their stories are equally important, and they should be told and we, as a society, should try to understand, for a society that attempts to understand such stories will be able to introspect and move on.”

The session ended with the author presenting a copy of Tales of Human Mischief to the college.

About Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei:

Born in Manipur, also known as Kangleipak, Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei grew up in Kyamgei, Imphal, the capital of the state. He studied Economics at Pune University. He started his career as a language teacher in South-East Asia. Since 2011, he has been working in New Delhi, handling range of editorial profiles.

About Tales Of Human Mischief:

The ongoing armed conflict and civil unrest in Manipur has drawn a lot of attention. But it has hardly received deserving elaborate attention, the victims in particular. They have always remained as mere names and counted numbers whose stories have never been told. Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei’s Tales of Human Mischie is their stories, the stories of the insignificant many told with great significance in rich prose. Set in Manipur, also known as Kangleipak, the elaborate tales are the laments of a mother for her child who she will never see; the unheard voice of a young soul shaped by violence that surrounds him; the unspoken agony and humiliation of dishonoured victims; of those who have been gnawed by avarice and no longer bound even by basic moral code; the prolonged and widespread fear of those who live with the wish to be salvaged; and the extremity of terror and human brutality, to underscore some.

The book is available at both in paperback and kindle format

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