Popularity of Probiotics among youth is an opportunity for business startups

Risers Accelerator
By Rachit Chawla, Director, Finance and Technology, Risers Accelerator
  Recent trends have marked an increased demand for probiotic food supplements among the youth and consequently, it has opened up a vista of opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this trend. Influenced by recent researches which claim that probiotic microorganisms are good for gut and skin, a large group of health freaks in urban areas are switching to probiotic food and cosmetic products and their growing demand is giving birth to some really innovative startups.

Also, since the diet of Indian youth these days is taste palate inspired, it lacks the variety of nutrients and limits the strains of ‘good bacteria’ in the diet, which are required by the body. This internal demand for good bacteria is being met by probiotics, making them popular among the younger generation.

Young Indians, who are conscious about maintaining their youthful appearance and fitness are making probiotics a regular part of their diet. Washboard abs and butter-smooth skin are the lofty goals that the youth are setting for themselves, and probiotics are helping them get there.

At 7.3 per cent CAGR, the global probiotics market is expected to reach USD 74.69 billion by 2025. And, being the 3rd largest market in the Asia-Pacific region, India is offering a promising future to startups trying their luck in this emerging segment. According to Risers Accelerator — a conglomerate of 35 individuals based out of Delhi promoting start-ups with good business potential — the applications for investment in probiotic startups have grown manifold. Last year, 22 probiotic startups were enrolled at Risers Accelerator. Cosmeto Food Organic Pvt Ltd was amongst the probiotic startups that also raised funds. Looking at the scope and the way plan of Cosmeto, Risers Accelerator has funded Rs 4 crore for to this growing startup which provides taste-able and authentic Ayurvedic organic handmade skincare products.

Sharing his view on the potential of startups in the probiotic market, Mr. Rachit Chawla, Director, Finance and Technology, Risers Accelerator, said, “The toughest challenge is to create a market for the product that the company wants to launch. But, entering into a market where the product is already in demand is like hitting a jackpot. People are already aware of the benefits of probiotics; it is up to the brands now to bridge the supply-demand gap and convert prospects into customers.”

“We are not restricting ourselves to any particular industry or sector, but we want to accelerate start-ups that have good business potential. The core philosophy is to lend a helping hand to entrepreneurs who have bright ideas and vision to foresee present and future opportunities. If these start-ups are promoted, they will generate employment that will help the economy grow,” Chawla further added.

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