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President addressed 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at the seminar ‘Spirituality for Human and Social Development’ held in New Delhi

Honorable Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India, in his first address on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, said that parallel growth of all sections of society is necessary for country’s complete development. President was addressing the seminar ‘Spirituality for Human and Social Development’Ahimsa organized by Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati in the prestigious presence of Acharya Dr. Lokesh, at Dr. Ambedkar International Center, Janpath. Union Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment Dr. Thawarchand Gehlot was also present on the occasion.
President Kovind addressing the large gathering of distinguished people from India and abroad, present in the auditorium said that on the path of spirituality all human beings are equal. Mahatma Gandhi also talked about the development of all classes and sections of society. Gandhi ji served the farmers with who were being discriminated in Champaran. Served those mill workers who were not getting fair wages, Gandhi ji considered the service of poor, destitute and weak people to be the ultimate duty of his life. Gandhi ji lived a life based on truth and was equally and deeply associated service to mankind. Mahatma Gandhi became the voice of countless Indians; he also became the voice of the world in terms of human values and human dignity. He not only emphasized on serving of humanity but also emphasized the self-pleasure associated with it. President congratulated Acharya Lokesh for his significant contribution in nation-building by connecting spirituality to social service through Ahimsa Viswa Bharati organization.
Acharya Lokesh on this occasion said that to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary, we will organize 24 conferences in the country and abroad, which will conclude at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Through these conferences, we will spread the ideology and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to the masses. It is our aim to create a violence-free society by adopting his principles. Today there is a need to understand religion and spirituality in the right context. There is a need to connect religion and spirituality with social service and make it a medium to eradicate social evils. Spirituality is deeply related to the development of society and humanity. The President and Prime Minister are trying to make India World Guru. Creating a healthy society is necessary to make our country a Global Guru. It was also Mahatma Gandhi’s dream to create a balanced and healthy society. To develop a balanced and healthy society we should pay attention to cleanliness, save water, adopt a plastic-free lifestyle and as Prime Minister Modi says, pay attention to Fit India. On this occasion, Acharya Lokesh presented the first copy of the Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati journal Aahwaan to the President and presented the humanistic work being carried out by the organization.
Union Minister Dr. Thawar Chand Gehlot said that adopting the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi would be a true tribute to him. On this occasion, when we are celebrating Bapu’s 150th birth anniversary, we are dedicating an open defecation free India, we will start a mass movement against plastic in the country. Many brother and sister shopkeepers are writing on their shops that the customer should come with his bag. This will save money and they will also be able to contribute to protecting the environment. Make a special Shramdaan (service to humanity) on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti so that this year becomes a celebration of Shramdaan.
The President was honored by Mr. Abhay Kumar Jain and Mr. Ganpat Chaudhary with a shawl, Dr. Ajit Gupta and Mr. Karamjit Dhaliwal presented the memento to him. Mr. Subhash Oswal, Mr. Raj Kumar Jain, Mr. Manoj Jain, Mr. Mahavir Goyal, Mr. Anand Sahu, Mrs. Vidya Chhabra, Mr. Veer Jain, Mr. Heena Jain, Mrs. Kenu Agarwal, Mr. Bhavya Shrivastava, Mr. Prem Prakash Gupta, Mr. Karan Kapoor, Mr. Vineet Kumar, Yogacharya Kundan gave full support for the success of the program. Many distinguished people and different parts of the country and from abroad attended the seminar. The stage was conducted by Mr. Sajan Shah and Ms. Tarakeswari Mishra. The program was begun and ended with the national anthem was sung by D. Goenka School students. Children of Hiralal Jain Senior Secondary School presented the Anuvrat song.

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