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 Prussian blue and gold

Color Canvas

 Prussian blue and gold, this brand with a Pegasus as its insignia is creating a stir in the market.


Luxury suiting and jacketing fabric. (embodies  aesthetic Italian culture in its fabrics)

Distinct Italian character and exotic design aura


Drawn from the art and architecture of Italy in the product designs for Ferrara – embracing both micro and macro structures


Ferrara forays into the market with an array of worsted fabrics spun in exotic blends such as Milk fiber, Rose fiber, Cashmere, Mohair etc. There is a plethora of fabric offered by the brand to up their luxury and comfort quotient – each fabric showcases these nuances because of the superfine blends that are used to create the best of suiting and jacketing for men.

Exotic fibres are used for making these luxury fabrics. Some fibres include –

  • Milk Fiber:This fabric is made using a process that is similar to rayon, viscose, but because it’s a regenerated protein fiber and not a regenerated cellulose fiber, it reacts like wool. The fabric also absorbs moisture very well, also the fiber is glossy and luxurious and looks like silk.  The fiber is very easy to dye and can be dyed under normal temperature.
  • Rose Fiber: Rose fiber is a natural fiber, made from wild rose bush. It has amazing luster, also very fine and soft in handle. This fabric can be spin with others fiber to make very fine yarns.
  • Cashmere:This trail has its origins in hilly mountains of China, Turkey and New Zealand, where the Cashmere goat dwells. Their unique coat is made of two distinct layers – the outer layer and the undercoat. The outer hair is coarse and waterproof, which serves to protect the undercoat. The soft, ultrafine undercoat provides the goat with warmth in its extreme environment, is used in the production of cashmere.
  • Mohair:With its origin in the mountains of Tibet and Turkey, the Angora goat has one of the oldest fibres used in the textile industry. The goat is named after the Turkish capital of Ankara, which was historically known as Angora. “Mohair” refers to the fibre, yarn and fabric made of the hair of the Angora goat. Its light weight makes it perfect for warm weather wear, and its absorbent nature makes it comfortable even in humidity.

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