Silverwings travel services for Seniors

By MP Deepu, Co-Founders of Senior 

Celebrating their silver years of life by travelling is one of the most popular things seniors are doing nowadays. Today’s Gen S–some call them ‘seenagers’ or ‘senior teenagers’–are healthier and wealthier than their predecessors and are willing to spend more on experiences rather than material goods. They travel to unwind themselves and find it to be therapeutic.

Taking note of this favourable development, many companies are specially catering to this demographic and are ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience for them. Women are equal participants in such adventures and are breaking the age-old barriers. Studies show that in 2019, just before the pandemic, 71% of solo women travellers were all
55+ years of age.

The passion for travel for these seniors emerges from many reasons, unlike other travel groups. Older adults have a higher average disposable

income. They like to spend on travel rather than anything else mainly because of their love for adventure, meeting new people, and exploring new places. They are well aware of the evolving world and remain eager to make their “second innings” happy, engaging and fulfilling. The stereotypical ways of spending retirement years in settling at a quiet place for the rest of their life, no longer attract them. This generation of seniors can be termed as the “generation of post-liberalization seniors” as they have been part of India’s upward economic mobility from the year 1991. “Age becomes irrelevant on the road” is the most suitable saying in the case of all those seniors who have found a passion for travelling and reap the health benefits from their trips. The advantage of meeting like-minded people and beating health issues by allowing yourself to relax and fulfilling your dreams is unimaginable unless experienced. Senior travellers are rediscovering old passions through travel. Zip lining, river rafting, parasailing, biking expedition, sky diving, scuba diving are some of the most preferred activities among the new age seniors. Seniors consider travel as a way to socialise and keep their minds active and engaged. A trip is engaging for them, right from choosing a destination to planning and packing for the travel. It allows them to take charge of their life, face new challenges and overcome obstacles. Seniors have acknowledged that travelling comes with a larger good especially enhancing longevity and increasing the zest to live a fulfilling life. These excursions stimulate and encourage them to keep a healthy lifestyle. While life may bring ups and downs at any stage of our life, we must always look forward. This positive perspective makes seniors avail the best time of their life after retirement.

MP Deepu

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