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A sub-part of the brand Sparkling Bonds, Sparkling Bonds Shop is working on the new launches by the company. The list of new launches includes calendars, daily planners, pop sockets, felt sheets, mousepads, and digital paintings. The company keeps on giving gift hampers from time to time. It deals with customised products and believes in client satisfaction.

Each product launched by Sparkling Bond Shop is designed the way the customer prefers it to be. The personal touch is added by customization. As a team that would love to learn and re-learn, the company welcomes the feedback of its clients. It keeps up to the logo of its founder, ‘Where creativity blends with DESIRE’. The company is set to make beautiful memories for tomorrow each day for the team as well as for its clients. We ensure that our work would be new at each point and would be filled with dedication. The founder is set to explore more as she believes that there is no end to creativity and creation. Changing the box is the new agenda rather than merely thinking out of the box!

And to change the box, there can be no lack in the efforts in research and designing. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes before the final outcome appears. Speaking of the calendars, Sparkling Bonds has collaborated with various brands and has designed a calendar for each which oozes the essence of brand and inventiveness of Sparkling Bond. The customization of the calendar is not only done for brands but can be created for individual clients as well. There is already a range of designs of calendars available for the coming year from which one can choose.

Moving on to daily planners, they say ‘planning is the first step towards success’. Made with conscious planning backstage, daily planners are launched with designs that would inspire one to a daily to-do list. Sometimes one doesn’t feel like planning, and in those times, one needs an inspiration that cannot be resisted. The beautiful designing of planners and their simplicity will make one lay down targets and complete them in the specified period.

For managing your tasks on phones and tablets run at your comfort level without the devices popping off the table or your hands, Sparkling Bonds Shop has launched interesting and attractive pop sockets. One can choose from the variety available. A pop socket would stick behind the electronic device in use like a small sticker or button and would prevent it from falling, saving a lot of time and damage. Plus, customization can do wonders and help the customers stick to pop sockets designed by us.

A colour to one’s life can be added with colourful and customized felt sheets that can decorate your room or serve the other purpose of creativity. Sparkling Bonds Shop can do great with them.

Mouse pads are still in fashion, especially for people who are into the gaming zone. And the kick needed at various lows and highs of gaming or other works at the computer can be taken from specially designed or customised mouse pads. Go nowhere but to the Sparkling Bonds Shop to get the best one for you or your dear one!

Digital paintings are sights to behold, a material of emotions to gift. Designed according to the customers’ taste, flavour and desire; these can wake you up to an inspiring day. One can get family made or one’s favourite star made. There are options already available to choose from, and designing from inputs is always welcome.

Visit their website from here.

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