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Stalwarts to have an insightful, strategic discussion on different industries during and post COVID-19~

Webinar, STIMULUS 2020

APRIL 13th and 14th, 2020

Personalities such as Ashish Kashyap , Suhel Seth ,Prahlad Kakkar, Tarun Tahiliani, Bose Krishnamachari, Roshni Chopra & Jeeveshu Ahluwalia will be speakers at the Webinar 

Organised by The Global Luxury Group, Crosshairs Communications (PR Partner) & WIN (Women Inspiring Network – Content Partner), STIMULUS 2020 is an unprecedented, cerebral two-day webinar, scheduled to go live on 13th & 14th April. Designed to cut through the volume of rhetoric and despair surrounding the current COVID-19 scenario, which has declared the market slow-moving or outright stagnant, the webinar brings together 70 industry experts who have dealt with similar cards before. The aim is to connect with strategists, business owners and executives in order to canvas possibilities and new ideas in media, luxury, lifestyle, leadership and other industries, through STIMULUS 2020.

Speaking on the occasion, Karan Bhangay from The Global Luxury Group stated, “Instigating an intelligent discourse in various segments like economics, real estate, retail, hospitality, startups, media and government policies, STIMULUS is a small initiative to bring together different approaches from across the spectrum for a two day session of ‘listening, learning and everything in between’. What will be the hottest sectors, the new rules of the game, what will businesses have to do to thrive in a world more digitally connected than ever, and will we be more local than global are some of the questions this forum will address.”

Keeping in sync with the ideology of STIMULUS, Stuti Jalan, Founder & MD, Crosshairs Communication & WIN (Women Inspiring Network) stated, “Since the time of complete lockdown, we as an organisation have witnessed the digital landscape emerging as one of the major communication platforms. Keeping this in mind, I felt that STIMULUS will be the right platform to collaborate and throw some insight into the changing landscape of businesses and strategies to WIN in a post covid world – leadership lessons to redesign and reinvent business will be the focus of our conversation.

The confirmed list of speakers for 13th April includes:

  • Suhel Seth (Managing Partner, Counselage India)
  • Ajit Pai (OSD, NITI Aayog) 
  • Rajul Kulshreshtha (CEO Madison India)
  • Srinivas Kollipara (Partner Hunch ventures) 
  • Rajeev Arora (Founder, Penny Per Word)
  • Anjilee Istawal (Televison journalist & anchor) 
  • Prahlad Kakkar (Indian film director)
  • Vani Tripathi (Actor & Politician)
  • Vickky Idnaani (Fashion & Film Photographer)
  • Vikas Gupta (Producer , Balaji telefilms & ex Bigboss) 
  • Esha Jain (Marketing Head, Lamborghini Mumbai)
  • Raghu Nayak (Managing director Friendly group of companies), 
  • Jatin Ahuja (Founder, Big Boy Toyz)
  • Arjun Bafna (MD, Bafna group) 
  • Stuti Jalan (Founder Crosshairs communication)
  • Ashish Kashyap (Founder & CEO of IndWealth) 
  • Ramesh Somani (Editor in Chief, Exhibit Magazine & BBC Top Gear India)
  • Nonita Kalra (Editor, Harper’s Bazaar INDIA) 
  • Tarun Tahiliani (Designer)
  • Abhishek Agarwal (Founder & Director at Purple Style Labs) 
  • Smita Jain (Director, MGLUXM at SP Jain school of Global Management)
  • Sachin Jain (MD Forevermark) 
  • Biren Vaidya (MD, Rose Group)
  • Sahil Malik (MD Damilano) 
  • Pratik Dalmia (Founder Regalia Luxury Retail)
  • Bose Krishnamachari (Founder Kochi Biennale) 
  • Dinesh Vazirani (Co-Founder Saffron Art)
  • Puneet Shah (Founder, Akara art)
  • Bhavna Jasra (Principal Artist, Owner, First Impression)
  • Angelique Dhama (Chief Marketing Officer, OBEETEE)
  • Shweta Punj (Deputy Editor IndiaToday magazine)
  • Hindol Sengupta (Indian historian and journalist) 
  • Devita Saraf (Founder & CEO, VU technologies)
  • Aditi Balbir (CEO and Founder V Resorts) 
  • Madhu Joshi (Partner & CMO,DrumUP)
  • Bharat Chaganty ( CEO,The Indian Luxury Expo )
  • Sumit Choudary (Author rules of Game)
  • Jeeveshu Ahluwalia (Comedian)

The confirmed list of speakers for 14th April includes:

  • Anil Shetty (Indian social leader)
  • Ritu Kapur (CEO, The Quint) 
  • Milee Ashwariya (Editor, Penguin)
  • Anurag Batra (Editor in Chief Business World) 
  • Sheetal Munshaw (Director, ATOUT France) 
  • Ashish Bhasin (Founder the smoke Co) 
  • Rohan Gopal das (CEO Preston Bailey) 
  • Avneet Singh (Founder, Medusa Beers) 
  • Chetan Jalan (Founder of ChaloHoppo) 
  • Sandeep Nair (Co-founder Audire) 
  • Yogesh Chaudhary (Director, Jaipur Rugs)
  • Pierre Arnaud (MD, ultraconfidential)
  • RJ Kartik (MY FM)
  • Seetu Kohli (Interior Designer)
  • Bandana Tewari (Journalist and Sustainable Fashion Activist)
  • Deepa Narayan (Author and Social scientist) 
  • Amulya Tipirneni (Founder The Earth Love)
  • Roshni Chopra (Actress)
  • Pragati Sureka (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Abhay Gupta (Founder & CEO Luxury Connect)
  • Mitrajit Bhattacharya (Founder The Horologists, The Corner Room Project)
  • Rahul Kapoor (Founder, Indian Watch Club) 
  • Madhu Alavur (MD, Angaros Group)
  • Sarosh Modi (Director Luxury Watch Works)
  • Puja Talwar (Good times)
  • Barkha Singh (Digital influencer)
  • RJ Meenakshi (MY FM)

STIMULUS 2020 is also partnered by LuxuryFacts (Digital Partner), Since1700 (E-commerce partner), and The Indian Luxury Expo (Exhibition Partner).

How to Register: 

They can either log onto or whatsapp on 7496070707

Who should enroll? – Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Students of business & luxury, Senior employees & executives & Brand Managers

Why STIMULUS? – to help you make informed decisions & undertake inspired action, understand the mutant future of the industries in question, to be able to identify the bright spots, to figure out stable, effective strategies, nurture the wisdom to execute attained insights.

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