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Striking the Perfect Balance

5 Healing Ways to Balance your Chakras

 By Dr. Devanshi Wadhwana, Healer & Life Coach, Founder – thewhitelight111

The Chakras are energy whirlpool’s that exist within every living being. The energy from the universe around us is transported into our body and aura, as well as between the physical body and the layers of our aura.The chakra system comprises seven major chakras and each chakra serves a purpose.

Once we learn about the ways to open them for harmonizing our energy, we automatically tend to feel happier, calmer, healthier, and well balanced in life.

Mentioned below are five important ways to balance your chakras –

  1. Meditate

Since eons, meditation has been a powerful way to connect with your higher spirit. You can meditate to stay in the present, get rid of negativity and create positive energy around you. While the most basic form of meditation can also help you heal your broken chakra, there are specific meditation techniques you can employ to activate your dormant chakras for bringing out the best in you.

  1. Yoga

Practicing yoga can open up your body and help balance out your chakras. It can control your erroneous mood swings, cure basic bodily illnesses (such as body pain, digestive issues, common cold and cough, muscle pain, etc.), and help you sleep peacefully. Each yoga posture accounts for a specific benefit to your body. Practicing yoga regularly can calm your body, mind and soul alike, along with balancing out your chakras.

  1. Breathing Activities

When you breathe in and out intentionally, you can restore your chakras. Breathing in deeply and consciously has the power to direct energy to your chakra. Whereas exhaling your breath allows awareness to settle into your chakras. Perform this activity daily to open up your chakras and bring balance back to your mind, body, and emotions.

4.      Nutrition and Diet

Each chakra governs and is directly linked to each organ system of our body. Nutritional foods or spices that are good for a specific chakra are also beneficial for the body organ it’s connected to. A balanced meal and healthy diet benefits to bring a sense of balance within the entire body which also includesour chakras; that are sited in the spiritual body.

5.      Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are an easy, natural way for opening your chakras and igniting the natural flow of energy within you. Crystal therapy can balance your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to keep your mood swings in check.

You can use different gems to activate/heal different chakras in your body, such as:

●       Selenite can be used for your crown chakra

●       Amethyst can benefit your third eye

●       Lapiz Lazuli can help open your throat chakra

●       Rose quartz can help with your heart chakra

●       Citrine can be used for your solar plexus

●       Carnelian is used for your sacral chakra,

●       And hematite can benefit your root chakra

Striking the Perfect Balance

The first step to leading a balanced, joyful and peaceful life if opening up your chakras. I hope the above information’s has helps you understand a gist of your chakras and different ways to activate/heal them.

About the Author

 Dr. Devanshi Wadhwana, is the Healer & Life Coach, Founder – thewhitelight111

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