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Stroke of a Brush

Stroke of a Brush

An Interview with Artist Swati Pasari

Hailing from a Marwari family of Kolkata, Swati finished her Business studies from Australia to join the family business. However, she gave in to her inner calling and started painting.Swati’s Art Brand“Soulink” took shape in 2007. Today, all of 32 years, Swati has travelled across the World exhibiting her all so happy Artworks & Sculptures.

Excerpts …

  • Your venture into art, how did it happen?

I have always been into art and craft since my childhood, though I never thought I would take it up as a profession someday. It was actually through Pranic healing that I realized that art is the purpose of my life and through art I would like to spread happiness and positivity to the world.I have always been inclined towards art since my childhood, but it was during my college days that I got my final call and here I am.

  • About the challenges you faced? How did you cope up?

Hailing from a business family, embarking on a career as an artist was not easy, but it was my love for art that finally made me win the love and support of not just my family but art lovers as well.Being an artist in a Marwari family is not easy and they wanted me to join business naturally. However, art was an inner calling and I decided to go by it. When your will is strong and you are determined then you achieve what you want.

  • Your views on present scenario of Art?

If you ask me, I feel that the current time is very encouraging for people like us, who are in an offbeat profession. There was once a time, when being an artist was never a choice of profession. Of course, when I decided to choose art as a profession, nor the start or the walk was easy. Being a woman artist was even more difficult, but I have seen the scenario change. People are more accepting about you as a person, irrespective of gender or profession. I am receiving a lot of accolades and support, including family, friends and art lovers from across the world. This is very encouraging and helps me go ahead as an artist and as a person.

  • Who motivated you to pursue your career in painting?

My Grandfather has played a huge role in supporting my career choice. It is because of his support that I am an artist today. Pranic healing has also played a huge rule in making me realize that art is the purpose of my life.

  • From where do you derive inspiration for your paintings?

Real life inspires me every day. My art works are a reflection of what I see in the real life.

  • What is success according to you?

Success to me is celebration of life and being happy in all times, counting ones bounties and being thankful. I paint and that for me is the ultimate celebration of life. When people understand and relate to my celebration that is my biggest success and celebration of life.

  • Your comments on the senior artists? Do you seek guidance from them?

For me an artist getting appreciation and recognition is truly inspirational and needed for the society. All are lovely people and I can really connect with them. Their work is inspiring and trend setting. And for seeking guidance, as I have said before they are truly inspirational for me.

  • Your forthcoming projects?

I do have a lot of upcoming projects with some important shows lined up in Mumbai and Delhi.

Artist Swati Pasari recently held her exhibition titled “the s factor”  at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Her  Lord Krishna Sculpture is part of The S Factor, a fund raiser showcase of signature works by multiple creative artists in aid of NGO Khushii.(Khushii is a non-profit organization working for the upliftment and holistic development of less privileged children, women, and vulnerable families. Founded 16 years ago by Cricket legend Kapil Dev, Khushii reaches out to approximately 48,000+ children all over the country, and 5 lakh members of the community that are homes to these children who attend our schools).

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