Style your winter look with puffer jackets

Puffer jackets aren’t known for a fashion statement but with the experimental trends, these puffy jackets are no longer just a protective winter coat.  Earlier, you threw a puffy jacket on top of whatever you were wearing and called it a day. Now, styling your wardrobe with a puffer jacket is effortlessly cool and trendy. The Puff Jacket stream is available for everyone out there as per their preference and need. From classy black and dark to funky yellow and orange, the market is filled with these trendy covers. Naveen Mahlawat co-founder of, a fashion e-commerce by MadBow ventures shares some cool tips on how to style your look with a Puffer jacket.

1.      Workout look – Pick your workout or yoga pants with those funky sneakers and mockneck. Throw a puffer jacket on your overall look creating a style statement yet keeping you warm.

2.      When in doubt wear black – Make it all black, be classy towards your look, and jump into the all-time black trend with a black paddy jacket complementing the look even more. Dance to the club or walk with someone special, the all-black outfit matches all occasions best.

3.      The classic black and white – During the sunny winter days when it is just warm enough to have your ankles exposed, go for the all-time favorite combo of black pants and white t-shirt pair it with a white sneaker. Put on your puffer coat to give comfort and cool vibes.

4.      Make it casual formal –For any official meeting where you can mix casuals with a formal puffer jacket comes for a rescue. Keep your look formal with a shirt and a pair of trousers accessorized with a tie. The overlook when layered with a puffer jacket gives the perfect casual blend. This new look is something hard to resist.

5.      Puffer-Hoodie pair – One can pair a puffer jacket and a hoodie for those supreme winter days. The combo of puffer and hoodie with denim jeans will make you look like a model off the runway.

There is a lot to experiment with when it comes to playing with the puffy-out layer trend. The fashion world has embraced this new style statement in the blocks. Too easy to wear with no comfort and warmth.

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