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SVISH ON-THE-GO, the first ‘made-in-India’ range of sanitizing products in the lifestyle category

Trendy, vibrant, and pocket-sized on-the-go range of sanitizing products targeted at millennials who are looking for stylish and more relaxed options that go with their lifestyle

·   Biodegradable, non-alcoholic 100% viscose fiber gadget-disinfectant wipes. Safe for gadgets and safer for the environment.

·   An aerosol base no-gas hand sanitizer spray, with more than 70% alcohol and Its Non-sticky, with moisturizer and Kills 99.99 % of germs and bacteria

·   Fresh and pleasant fragrances in Orange Peel, Aqua, Citrus, Lemon, and Pine Haze.


SVISH SAGE AND DANK  ‘no-gas’ hand sanitizer spray. Its aerosol base with more than 70% alcohol kills 99.99 % of germs* and is also highly effective against bacteria. It’s non-sticky, with moisturizer, available in two orange peel and aqua fragrances, unlike the sticky & awful smelling sanitizing products present in the market. Both on-the-go pocket-fit packs are vibrant and trendy and very reasonably priced at Rs.149 for 100 ml each.

SVISH PINE HAZE   biodegradable Gadget Disinfectant Wipes. 100% viscose fiber with A non-alcoholic formulation that effectively kills germs and bacteria* makes it ideal for disinfecting your gadgets. It’s skin-friendly with a fresh & pleasant Pine Haze fragrance. On-the-go pocket-sized packs are very convenient to carry and also they are vibrant and trendy,. It comes in a pleasant Pine Haze fragrance and reasonably priced at Rs.199.00 for a pack of 30, at par, if not lower than most of the brand available in the market. SVISH Skin & Surface Anti-Germ Spray, Citra has more than 70% Alcohol, kills 99.99% germs*. It has natural ingredients like Neem and Citrus. An on-the-go friendly pocket-sized, vibrant, and trendy pack, comes it a fresh Citra fragrance. It’s non-sticky, disinfects multi-surfaces

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