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Taki Taki

Welcomes ALL To The Era Of Japanese 2.0 

Raisong the curtains on a fresh dining experience at Taki Taki with the launch of Omakase – an all new menu that reimagines the ethos of Japanese Cuisine led by the new expat Chef Bobby. This menu takes a bold new direction for the Modern Japanese dining scene in Mumbai. 

Omakase perfectly encapsulates Taki Taki’s philosophy of elevating the ethos of the familiar authentic Japanese with contemporary techniques, ingredients & gastronomical curiosity. Now presenting a new menu, along with a dash of flair in its presentation and service which bring a truly sensory Japanese experience to the forefront.

Known for its fine ambience that engages its diners, Taki Taki’s meticulously crafted ambience is the vibe that has captivated the city over the last two years. Vibrant art, and a towering high ceiling allows for the light and space to accentuate every detail – so you can immerse yourself in its appeal and without breaking that rhythm, Taki Taki now aims at further celebrating the excellence of Japanese and Asian techniques, the finest ingredients and a thought-challenging approach with Chef Bobby and his team.

The expat Chef brings a wealth of expertise to curate this nuanced new menu for Taki Taki. With a remarkable career spanning six different countries, his journey began with the opening team of “Sushi Yoshi” in Saudi Arabia. He then ventured into Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, and India, spearheading various Pan-Asian restaurants with finesse and innovation. His tenure at esteemed establishments like the Marriott Hotel. Doha and the Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore further honed his skills in infusing Japanese authenticity to a modern Pan-Asian essence. 

Speaking about the new menu, Chef Bobby said, “With a passion and dedication honed throughout my culinary journey across six countries, collaborating with diverse international chefs has provided invaluable insights into discovering ingredients, flavours, and cooking techniques. This journey empowered me to craft recipes and dishes with heightened attention to detail and a profound responsibility toward a vibrant culinary culture, harmoniously blending tradition with innovation.”

Omakase, which translates to ‘an ode to the chef’s choice’ denotes a certain degree of conviction while exploring the possibilities of flavors and philosophies. Japanese 2.0 is a concept that simply reimagines the cuisine by breaking familiar elements to its very core and bringing diners something unprecedented, grander, and bolder. Each course is carefully curated & prepared to create a harmonious narrative, taking you on a journey from the first bite to the last. Whereas the bar promises a heady, appeasing & inviting cocktail program; with a focus shift on Japanese first spirits & concoctions. Experience Japan, reimagined. 

This new menu presents a diverse array of culinary favourites. Boasting a larger selection of sushi and artisan rolls try the, ‘Onna Bugeisha’, a collection of four signature vegetarian artisan rolls that redefine your vegetarian sushi experience. A must have is also the exquisite ‘Gold Digger’ which combines vegetable tempura, soy reduction, avocado, citrus truffle, and edible golden dust. ‘Victoria’s Secret’ is a harmonious blend of tuna, salmon, crab meat, and avocado. ‘California Explosion’ offers crab string, cucumber, avocado, tobiko and a fusion of spicy herbs. A homage to the irresistible taste of the sea.

The new dim sum selection features XO Pork’ that boasts of umami chard grilled pork, enhanced with homemade xo sauce. For mains, indulge in the Yaki Shita Tori, a grilled chicken sensation marinated with yuzu togarashi, served alongside pak choi and grilled onigiri rice served with teriyaki sauce. Additionally, savour your taste buds with Kotsuzumi Lamb Loin, Amarillo Lamb Chop and Genki Style Tempura with an innovative approach. The menu also features Peking Duck in a 3 Way Course. End your meal on a sweet note with desserts like Fire & Ice, the signature Molten or the classic Tres Leches.

The cocktail menu at Taki Taki is meticulously crafted and poured to perfection. It offers a diverse selection of Japanese-first spirits and innovative concoctions for enthusiasts of unique drinks. Indulge in the gobsmacking ‘Sushi in a Glass’—a vodka fat washed with salmon, homemade wasabi syrup, and sushi rice for a distinctive experience. Savour the captivating blend of ‘The Dawn of Spices’—a fusion of vodka, passion fruit, birds eye chilli, and Baileys, or discover a burst of flavours with ‘Taki & Tonic’, our in-house creation combining gin with mixers. Alternatively, opt for the timeless Negroni with a twist – enjoy the Truffle Negroni, featuring truffle-washed gin, Martini Rosso, Campari, and applewood smoke. 

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