The Fashion Industry’s take on Omicron and precautionary measures

With a rise in Omicron cases, a variant of Coronavirus, India has been taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. Ensuring business and its people are in safe hands, the fashion industry experts too are following safety measures at their workspaces. In wake of the situation, labels Sana Barreja, Gulabo Jaipur, Pink City by Sarika, House of Fett and Junipero talk about precautionary measures they are following and how they are prepared if a lockdown is announced. Here’s what they have to say…

Sarika Kakrania from Pink City by Sarika

Covid has changed our working style and we are following it for good to ensure the safety of our team, our craftsmen, our clients, and everyone’s families. We meet our clients strictly on an appointment basis and request for the vaccination certificate of our customers while giving an appointment. Appointments are always spaced out to avoid multiple customers from being in our studio at the same time. Sanitization on entry and wearing masks are non-negotiable to ensure everyone’s safety. We have vaccinated our entire team, including our artisans. We still work remotely with a lot of our team so they can work from the safety of their workshops and homes and step out as little as needed. We are prepared to our best possible capacity as our business module has transformed majorly in the past 2 years, just like many other businesses. Most of our business has moved online. So, even if there is a lockdown; the customers who are willing to shop can place their orders online; we can process those orders with our teams working remotely as well. Business is very important for everyone to sail through these tough times, but safety cannot and should not be compromised in case there is a spread of the Omicron variant.

Sana Barreja from Sana Barreja 

We have made sure that the staff and labor at the factory are fully vaccinated with both doses. Wearing a mask and continuously sanitizing the factory is mandatory. We have also created mask and sanitization stations at different parts of the workplace and always maintain social distancing. Like any other business, we are hoping for things to be normal, and no lockdown takes place, but in case of a lockdown like the last time our utmost priority would be the safety of all our employees.

Saloni Panwar from Gulabo Jaipur

Ensuring safety measures at our factory and store was the first step. From everyone using sanitizer, washing hands to wearing safety gloves, our staff is adhering to the safety measures, to assure our clients’ well-being. While packing orders and attending to clients, our staff is wearing masks. We booked slots for every one of our staff members so they could get fully vaccinated. Ensuring safety at level zero is necessary. God forbid, if there is a lockdown, we are prepared for it this time, may it be financially taking care of the staff, or donating care packages who need them the most, we will take every essential step required to take care of ourselves and people around us.

 Abhinav Gupta & Esha Bhambri  from House of Fett

Knowing the current situation and passing through the COVID19 pandemic, the brand understands the importance of taking precautions on a priority basis. It is mandatory for all the pieces to go through a sanitization stage which includes dry-clean and further packaging in a separate room where usage of gloves and hourly sanitization of the room is mandatory. The pieces are then kept aside for 24 hours and then shipped to the client. Keeping in consideration the pandemic situation, it’s important to start taking precautions on a prior basis for the Omicron variant. Safety measures for the same are followed at all our stores as it is equally important for us to provide a safe and healthy shopping experience to the customer. The trial rooms are sanitized with a fog machine containing sanitizer after every trial. House of Fett has emerged beautifully from the previous Covid19 pandemic despite not being prepared for it. However, if we must go through a lockdown again, the team is totally prepared to face and cater to the situation to its best possibility. The brand does not stock up huge inventories and believes in increasing inventories as and when the sales are rising. This reduces the risk of stocking up in case of a lockdown. We are thankful to have a clientele we can trust to keep us going through all our thick and thin.

Drishti Doshi from Junipero

Since the onset of covid-19, we have made sure our artisans, as well as office staff, always have their masks on while carrying out tasks during office hours. We have also made sure every staff member is double vaccinated by now. Since we are primarily an eCommerce brand, we were operational all through lockdown up till now without a single staff member getting covid, we have been lucky that way. So, we are prepared now as well in case of a lockdown as we have always taken all safety measures as per government policies and regulations. All staff members, as well as delivery partners, maintain social distance while carrying out tasks.

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