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The Right Cut | Indian Summer – Spring/ Summer'19


“We always imagine the sun dropping down away from us, but it stays still.”

Indian summer, in all of our memories, are those long golden days of laze spent at our Grandma’s house reading a book, strolling the gardens, enjoying most delicious delicacies or watching movies on VCRs. And dressing up nice used to be a very important part of these holidays.

Channeling our 90’s fashion memories into our Indian summer range has been nothing but super nostalgic. The label here, has used Cotton mul fabric woven with dobby weaving techniques embroidered with flowers summer brings, mainly flowers we spot in urban areas, a tree overshadowing the house with red and orange flowers, or a tree generously shedding its flowers onto the ground, or plants we see on the highways just making a picture perfect scenery mixed with the deep golden and blue sky.

“And the sun glinted now and again on the melancholy reflection of his.”

Indian summer is for everyone who shares similar memories and loves the sweet melancholy and laze that summer brings along. It’s important in life to stop and smell the flowers.


The label draws inspirations from their kinsfolk – decorating their handkerchiefs, bed-sheets, embroidering initials with anchor threads in between of their household chaos finding that solitude. Our collections are deeply inspired by flowers that we’ve grown seeing in our backyard, spending time with them dawn to dusk with a book or just simply doodling.

From being mountain babies to being fast fashion lovers, sisters, Avisha and Ilakshi both grew up with a laid-back approach and slow lifestyle. Their journey began 3 years ago when their cultural selves started overshadowing their personality and fast fashion got boring. “The Right Cut woman is a modern family girl who is Urbane & Easy going.” Being around a lot of fashion-loving women with different shapes & sizes, The Right Cut was named as an ode to them, custom making clothes for different sizes and being body positive.

The brand specializes in needlework, hand embroideries on homespun fabrics resulting in designs that are timeless.

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