Stimulation Rejuvenation

The Wonders of Tea

Different kinds of tea for different moods

Herbal teas have been used to cure minor ailments for centuries. The benefits from drinking teas are countless.  A cup of tea stimulates, energizes and uplifts.  Whether you believe or not, they do help to work on your mood. Why not substitute coffee or fizz drink for a delicious fruity tea instead. Who knows, they have hidden health benefits as well.

Green Tea- When you are lazy

Green tea includes caffeine which boost you and you don’t feel lazy.  It has amino acids that reduce the rush of caffeine in the body and gives energy. The best time to drink green tea is in the morning (empty stomach). This will make you feel energetic all day. 

Chamomile tea- When you are anxious

Chamomile is a herb that helps to calm and reduce moderate to severe symptoms of generalized anxiety. It helps to improve blood pressure. It also helps you to sleep. Add a little lavender flavor to make it more effective and let its aroma qualities kick into gear. 

Peppermint tea- When you are nauseous

Mint is a wonderful thing when you are not feeling well. Peppermint is great for nausea. It has numbing and calming effects which relaxes stomach muscles so that bile break down fats and food can move through stomach. It also helpful for stomach cramps, morning sickness and calms the digestive problems. Peppermint leaves soothe the digestive system and respiratory system.

Lavender tea- When you are restless

The aroma of lavender tea calms the mind. The sedative effects of lavender stabilize the mood.  It calms the nerves which lead to good sleep. It stimulates the work in very areas of the brain which influence the transmission of impulses between cells of the brain which boost mood and gives a calming effect.

Lemon tea- When you are angry

Lemon is a herb which belongs to the mint family. The aroma of lemon soothes the nerves. Lemon has cool and calming proper which cools the anger. It also helps to treat sleep disorders.  It helps to treat insomnia.

Masala Chai- When you are sleepy

Masala Chai includes spices like cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, clove etc. This makes you feel energetic and refreshed your mood. The spices release balanced energy which you need to start your day.

Rooibus tea- When you are uninspired

Rooibus tea also known as red tea, is full of powerful antioxidants that help to cope with your daily stress and makes you feel inspired.  Also, it helps to reduce anxiety and help you sleep. 

Lemongrass tea- When you are depressed

Lemongrass includes nutrients and minerals that help to reduce anxiety and stress. The aroma of lemongrass contributes to make you feel calm and relaxed.