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Top popular products for gifting by Jaypee

1. MultiPlan 3 – Versatile Cabinets                

Jaypee Plus Multiplan- 3 comes with 3 drawers that are highly functional. It is also fitted with removable caster wheels. This multipurpose drawer cabinet can be used to organize anything – from cosmetics, clothes, books, medicines, jewellery, etc. It is a product made of top-quality plastic that is durable and lasting. It is ideal for someone who likes to keep everything organized and in place. If your mom is also someone who likes everything spick and span – this is a great gift for her.

Price- Rs 4465.00

Available at-

2. KRYSTA  3 JARS   

Jaypee Plus Krysta Jars is an ornate piece of kitchen and home décor set, with the exact same look as that of crystalline jars. The jars have a cubic design and brick texture all over their body, also coming with airtight virgin-plastic lids. The set comes with 3 cubical jars and a long rectangular serving tray. For the mom who loves to host people and serve sweet little snacks – this will be ideal. This is also good to store small knick knacks that keep getting lost. Gift this nifty little set to your mom and she will surely be impressed.

Price: Rs 1825

Available at:

3. Glasserol Casserole   (set of 3) 

Jaypee plus Glasserol Casserole is elegant and stylish.The casseroles are available in three distinct sizes (800 mL, 1200 mL, and 1700 mL), making them perfect for presenting a variety of cuisines in various serving sizes. They also come with a transparent toughened glass lid that allows you to see the contents of the vessels clearly. If your mom loves to cook delicacies and feed you this one is surely going to be a hit with her.

Price: Rs 2059

Available at:

4. Fabrene (set of 3)   

Jaypee Fabrene is elegantly designed and exudes durability. It is built to keep food fresh, warm, and healthy. The inner bowl is made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and the insulation keeps food fresh and warm.

Price-  Rs 2798 

Available at-

5. Elara premium set

The Elara premium set from Jaypee Plus consists of 5 diamond-cut unbreakable jars made from food-grade plastic and a mirrored glass tray. The containers are completely airtight, with a silicon seal and high-gloss metallic tops, while the framed mirror glass tray makes the ensemble especially elegant and luxurious. For the mom who doesn’t like to compromise on style – this will be a great gift.

Price- Rs 3370 

Available at-

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