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Rusha and Blizza

Producers/DJs, Rusha & Blizza in association with Alfa Records, Rusha & Blizza released their second EP ‘Sutra’. Across six tracks, we hear an interconnected emphatic, genre-fluid approach that incorporates sound design and beat-making, arguably catapulting the duo into an elevated territory in the Indian music realm.

 In an exclusive interview with RetroPop Lifestyle, the duo opens up about the inspiration and the making of ‘Sutra”

·        What is new about ‘Sutra’ and how is it different from ‘Mudra’?

Sutra further builds upon the fusion sound design that we had created with Mudra. We tried to incorporate more experimental and electronic elements to Sutra. 

·         After the success of ‘Mudra’ what is the response you are expecting from ‘Sutra’ ?

With Sutra we seek to reach the right listeners for our sounds. We put a lot of effort in the visuals, videos and concept. We hope are quite satisfied with the overall package and we hope our listeners approve. 

·         What’s has been the inspiration behind ‘Sutra’?

Sutra was made during these tough times when almost everyone is going through an emotional rollercoaster, we have been lucky to be able to sustain ourselves and stay safe, but many others have had their world turned upside down. That is why we wanted to give in to our vulnerability, while hoping for a better future, we tried to present these emotions through Sutra.

·         What made you think of coming up with a video for the EP?

Some tracks ignite certain thoughts and desires, which are very visual. We felt that ‘Kaise’ was a track that would be complete with the right video. 

·        What are the challenges you faced while curating music during the lockdown?

There are definitely logistical challenges. We ended cancelling our photoshoot and there are no avenues for physical promotion. Our video was shot with a minimal crew. In terms of digital curation, things are more robust than they have ever been. More people have adapted to technology and have been far more responsive than before. Zoom interviews have opened opportunities in places we would’ve overlooked. 

·        The overall scene of music has evolved and is more digital today, how do you look at your music catching up with the change?

Our music has always been digital and we consider ourselves better producers than performers. We used to primarily focus on SoundCloud from 2014-17, but since then have realized that our music must be released on all major platforms, while focusing more on platforms better suited for our music. 

·        What’s more in the pipeline coming from you guys?

We have 2 singles and an album already complete. A few videos have been shot and many more in the works. We are also working on our next ep. Some of our new work is a complete departure from our previous work. We just want to stay true to our day one moto “courage to the experimental”.

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